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A close-up of the LSAM’s polymer printing head in action. (Image: Thermwood Corp.)

Smoothing the Path to Large-scale Additive Manufacturing
Local Motors is making 90 percent of its autonomous minibus on a single giant 3D printer—and it is ramping up its output.

Tool carriers are arranged around the spindles of an MS22-6L so that two tools can be used at each of the six spindles.

Flexible Turning
Lathe maker Index designs to get more types of operations out of each machine.

This screen shot from ANSYS Maxwell electromagnetic field simulation software shows an efficiency map and the speed-torque characteristics of an interior permanent magnet synchronous motor, significantly slashing the development time for optimizing such power plants within electric vehicles.

Does Computer Simulation Totally Replace Physical Prototypes in Product Development?
The reports of the death of physical models are greatly exaggerated. Digital artifacts and simulation do not replace physical models in all cases.

Plug-and-Play Wheelsets; Rallying for Safety; Testable 3D; Self-healing Brakes
Rallying for Safety; Plug-and-Play Wheelsets; Testable 3D; Self-healing Brakes

Solid Edge CAD/CAM software for automotive

Solid Edge 2019: It’s Not Just a CAD Package Anymore
The latest version of Solid Edge blows away the archetype for CAD packages by providing CAD, CAE, CAM and more for both mechanical and electrical design.

Screen capture of the ECO suite power monitor.

Saving Energy at the Machine-Tool
It’s never been easier to monitor and conserve energy use on machining equipment.

Nexteer Manufacturing hydraulic steering system

Nexteer’s Approach to Manufacturing Data
This Tier One supplier is well on the way in its “advanced, holistic, integrative approach” to design and manufacturing.

Industrial Control Keeps Getting Better
The changes in PLCs and PACs aren’t so much in operational, but in networking, user interface, and compute horsepower.

Green Guide: Flame Treatments, Battery Systems, and Energy Use

Green Guide: Flame Treatments, Battery Systems, and Energy Use
Flame Treatment Technology a Green Move for GM; A Cleaner Cleaner; Freudenberg's “Simple” Devices May Make Big Differences in Battery Systems; SolidWorks “Sustainability” Offers Real-Time Green Solutions; Siemens’ “Ctrl-Energy” Monitors Machine Tool Energy Use

Lessons Learned from Europe's SAP Users
By Martin Piszczalski, Management ConsultantSAP Ag, a German company that produces enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, is the world leader in client-server ERP systems with 39% of the world market.