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Active and Passive Safety Technology Division


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ZF Partners with Detroit Sewn on Face Masks

ZF Partners with Detroit Sewn on Face Masks
Essential protection for essential workers

Malgorzata Wiklinska Is Looking for Technology
If the enthusiasm that Dr. Malgorzata Wiklinska expresses when she talks about what she does for ZF is any indication of her level of commitment as she searches the world for technology that can benefit the supplier’s portfolio, chances are ZF and the companies she discovers are going to both benefit.

ZF has developed a steering wheel concept that facilitates Level 3 autonomous driving capabilities.

The Steering Wheel Goes Semi-Autonomous
ZF has developed a new concept steering wheel for Level 3 automation.

The ZF 8DT dual-clutch transmission. A modular design means it can be used in a variety of setups, including for electrified vehicle operations.

ZF, Porsche and the 8DT
ZF TRW Active and Passive Safety Technology Division (zf.com) and Porsche have collaborated on an innovative 8-speed dual clutch transmission (8DT) that is modular in design and engineering such that it lends itself to a variety of situations.

Safety & Autonomy
Autonomous vehicles are either right around the corner or years away, but the effect they have on vehicle safety depends a lot on getting everything right.

Your Really Smart Car

Your Really Smart Car
Vehicles are being engineered with a silicon infrastructure that does everything from control the powertrain to allowing remote connections—including the possibility of hacking.

Next-Gen Pretensioner
Snake pretensioner retractor seat belt assembly for global applications.

microMAX and a New Approach to Seat Belts
TRW's seat belt concept for the microMAX.

Automotive Electronics & Changes in Product Development
While consumer electronics have long had a fast development cadence, these speeds are indicative of the pace that the auto industry must move in this space.

Developing Airbags
As airbags become more plentiful, the drive is on to reduce weight and cut development time while creating a set of common components.

Electronics: wireless charging, scalable ACU's, and more

Electronics: wireless charging, scalable ACU's, and more
In-vehicle wireless charging system; scalable ACUs; lithium-ion battery tech.

Electronics: Image Sensors, Radar Sensors, Rear Cameras
Although image sensors are being more widely used in vehicles to aid in parking and lane change assist, they’re effectiveness is often challenged in hot weather environments.