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As Seen In AutoBeat

Generative design, additive manufacturing and reverse engineering are all based on faceted modeling, which uses mesh-based geometries. However, most designing is done in CAD systems that create B-rep models, which are feature-based solid models. Convergent modeling works with both modeling approaches.

Solid Edge Brings Divergent Modeling Worlds Together
This new software suite allows the development of “beautiful models ready for production.” What more can you ask for?

Better Assembly Through Software
Software packages are available to make sure that not only is the object designed right for assembly, but that workers can physically assemble that object.

Advanced Manufacturing at Ford
Virtual engineering and additive processes are having an effect at how Ford builds its cars and trucks, not only in the U.S., but around the world. Here’s a look.

NX 9 Offers Broad, New Functionality
The latest advances in Siemens NX can help speed both programming and machining.

Siemens PLM Simplifies Migrating to Broader PLM
A new version of Teamcenter is out. So, too, is an evolving, simplified approach to jump-start companies toward all-encompassing PLM.

Solid Edge ST5 Design Software Nails It
Among the “1,300 new customer-driven productivity enhancements” in the latest version of Solid Edge, several stand out.

Turnkey Integration for ERP
Affordable commercial software links ERP to CAD, as well as PDM, even PLM. Doing so synchs the data in these systems. Better, it reduces production errors.