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Shuttle tables, robots, and dedicated fixtures all can play roles in automating inspection equipment.  (Photo: ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions)

Include Inspection in Automation Plans
Expand your thinking for process and quality improvement.

Tools for Improved Quality
Here’s a look at some recent developments in the metrology arena that can help you improve your production quality.

The COMET L3D 2 is designed for fast, precise, 3D data capture from an array of objects.

Quality Assurance
Let’s face it: with the proliferating number of recalls, something is happening in the area of quality at companies both small and large—something that isn’t necessarily good. These tools may mitigate some of that.

Quality Tools
New developments that can help you assure part and/or assembly quality.

Measurable Trends
A look at what is going on in measuring tech for powertrain and body applications.

Need To Know: IMTS 2010
In its 28th year as the premier manufacturing technology show in North America, the 2010 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) is being held Sept. 13 to 18 at McCormick Place in Chicago.

Contact: Making More Accurate Measurements
Here are some new developments for contact measuring.

Close Up: The Zeiss METROTOM
The process is called, in a coinage from Carl Zeiss IMT Corp. (www.zeiss.com/imt), “metrotomography.” That’s one part “metrology” and one part “tomography.” Essentially what this comes down to is a system that can perform non-destructive testing (NDT) through the use of X-rays...and a means by which the results can be measured.

An Array of Measuring Options
When quality and speed are key concerns, then measuring equipment characteristics matter more than ever.

Keeping track of assets—be they parts or entire vehicles—can be more readily done in the largest production plants and associated parking lots through the implementation of a radio-frequency-based system.

Quality on the Shop Floor
Here's a brief look at some of the equipment that can help you make measurements where the work is being done . . .

Going After the Middle Market
Mid-size sedans represent the biggest car market in the United States for very logical reasons.

CMMs in the Styling Studio: More Capable than Before
Rover is using CMMs in the styling studio, not only for purposes of measurement, but also for model milling. Capable CMMs are helping bridge the gap between styling and engineering. By Rolf Röhm, Product Manager Horizontal-Arm Systems, Carl Zeiss Corporation and David Hope, Sales Manager Measurement & Testing Division, HK Technologies Ltd.


Polaris Produces Powertrains With Exacting Quality
When people are out skimming across the water, dashing through the snow, or traversing where normal vehicles fear to tread, the last thing they want is a powertrain problem. So Polaris Industries assures the quality of the builds of their products with a coordinate measuring machine.

Cutting Space & Time Out Of The Process With High Velocities
This may be the first engine machining facility that is based on machines that make remarkably quick moves. And it may represent the means by which Ford will maintain its cutting-edge position in manufacturing powertrains—and not insignificant profits.