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ZF: From Now on, Hybrid-Ready Transmission Development

ZF: From Now on, Hybrid-Ready Transmission Development
This leading supplier of transmissions has decided that it will no longer develop units that can’t be deployed in hybrids. We find out why on “Autoline After Hours”

BMW 530e xDrive

Yes, Hybrids Still Matter
Hybrids—mild, full and plug-in—are likely to continue to be important as the automotive industry makes the transition to full electrification. An examination in three parts.

NVIDIA introduced DRIVE AutoPilot, which it says is the first commercially available Level 2+ Automated Driving System. Continental and ZF are among the first customers to integrate it.

Tech: NVIDIA’s Level 2 system; 3D sees the light; A Fish-like Camera
NVIDIA’s Level 2 system has Conti, ZF on board. A 3D solution that sees the light and could be nearly as fast. A camera that sees like the fishes. Toyota aims to smarten China’s car industry.

ZF and the Development of Tech for Autonomy

ZF and the Development of Tech for Autonomy
As executive vp with global operational responsibility for the Global Electronics business and Occupant Safety Systems businesses within the ZF Active and Passive Safety Technology division of the ZF Group, Christophe Marnat has his proverbial plate full, especially nowadays when there are burgeoning efforts on behalf of OEMs and suppliers like ZF to develop the technologies that are related to ADAS, all the way to the point of providing Level 4 or Level 5 technology.

“A lot of verification of functions is done by simulation with computer tools, but at the end you have to make sure that the driver benefits and that the system is safe, so you also have to still do road testing like we did in the past,” points out Karl Haupt of Conti. Looked at another way: someone could be a master at Gran Turismo Sport and not be able to drive out of their subdivision without running into a rubbish container or parked car.

The Evolution to Autonomy
According to Continental’s Karl Haupt, the move to automated driving is one that will come in increments, not sudden disruptions.

The ZF Vision Zero Vehicle. Based on a VW Sharan, it has an electric driveline and is equipped with sensors and systems that provide driver assistance and enhance overall safety.

ZF: The Future is Now
This supplier is working hard to develop the digital, electrical and electronic technologies necessary to supplement the mechanical systems that it already provides in order to meet the needs of a rapidly transforming industry.

The ZF ProAI system for autonomous driving is based on an NVIDIA processor.

Bosch, ZF and NVIDIA
Although automotive suppliers Bosch Rexroth Corp. (bosch.com) and ZF Group (zf.com) are competitors, they have one thing in common: as both companies help drive automated driver assistance systems (ADAS) technologies forward, both companies are working with NVIDIA (nvidia.com), the manufacturer of graphics processors.

The proliferation of safety systems, both active and passive, have created the foundation for vehicle automation. However, unlike claims made via the hype surrounding this technology, it may take decades for its promise to be fully realized.

Driving Toward Vehicle Automation
The building blocks necessary for vehicle automation are falling into place, but will the transition be swift or steady?

ZF TRW has run studies showing that putting airbags on the outside of a vehicle can help reduce the energy not only being applied to the vehicle being hit, but the vehicle causing the collision, as well.

Airbags on the Outside
Airbags are seemingly everywhere on the interior of vehicles. But what about on the outside? One day we could see them there, too.

Technical Developments out of Friedrichshafen & Beyond
ZF (zf.com) is working to develop technologies that will contribute to safer, more-efficient, and, yes, even automated driving. And we had the chance to literally take these for a drive.

Powertrain Technology: Acknowledging Advances
There is a lot going on in the powertrain arena, both in terms of new transmission technology that is being developed for not only the race tracks of the world, but for the street, as well as in the process and technology realm, where creating better performing product is paramount. Here’s a look at a slice of some of what’s been happening of late.