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LMC Auto & the Industry Right Now: “Shock to the System”

The head of global forecasting for LMC Automotive talks about where the auto industry is at the start of the recovery and how long it might take to get to a state of recovery
#Tesla #Ford #GeneralMotors

Autonomous Vehicles

Adding Depth and Reason to 3D AV Measurements

Looking beyond the visible to improve the accuracy of object detection sensors

Fuel Cells

Trevor Milton of Nikola Talks Industry Disruption

Will Nikola become the Tesla of Class 8 trucking (the Tesla semi notwithstanding)? It sure seems like a good bet. And lots of investors are betting it will
#Nikola #Iveco #Tesla

Materials & Lightweighting

LIFT: Advancing Lightweighting Tech

Next-generation manufacturing and talent development programs


Nikola's Stock Soars After NASDAQ Listing

Startup begins taking orders for fuel cell-electric pickup truck
#Fiat #Volkswagen #Nikola


Big 3 Leaders Unite Against Racism

The time has come to take action
#Fiat #GeneralMotors #people


CAR’s Management Briefing Seminars Go Online

Special features aim to capture in-person experience
#sustainability #tech


Fun in the Mud with the New Bronco

Teaser video hints at crawler mode
#tech #chassis #Toyota


Tag Along for a Ride in Mobileye’s Self-Driving Car

Test drive navigates busy streets of Jerusalem  
#tech #Mobileye #Intel

Autonomous Vehicles

What Do People Know About Automated Vehicles?

Probably a whole lot less than industry insiders might imagine
#Volvo #Tesla