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Vendor Says Its Vacuum-Overlay System Could Replace Auto Body Paint

The automated film overlay process is touted as faster, more energy efficient and at least as durable as paint
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Simon Sproule Has Forgotten More About Auto Than Many Experts Know

With a CV like his, there is a depth of knowledge not readily matched.
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Acura Debuts 3-Chamber Passenger Airbag

Honda, Autoliv co-develop next-gen tech that promises to better protect against head injuries
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Autonomous Vehicles

Brose Enhances Automated Door Opening Tech

Compact system to debut in 2023 
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Cadillac Is Designing for the Future Today

Here’s how Cadillac is transforming its look as it transitions to an electric future while not ignoring the wonderful time that brought it to today
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Hyundai Revs Up Electric Concept

810-hp RM20e previews future performance model
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Canoo Takes “Skatekart” EV Chassis for a Spin

Integrated design can accomodate 75% of today’s cars and commercial vehicles


Tesla Outlines Next-Gen Battery and Other Future Plans

Breakthrough battery tech and $25,000 EV teased, but Wall Street wasn’t impressed
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Lotus Demos Evija Hypercar

There are 5 driving modes. Spoiler alert: they’re all super fast. 
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ZF: From Now on, Hybrid-Ready Transmission Development

This leading supplier of transmissions has decided that it will no longer develop units that can’t be deployed in hybrids. We find out why on “Autoline After Hours”
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