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Trevor Pawl Plans to Make Michigan a Leader in Mobility and Electrification

Sure, lots of states would like to achieve leadership in those areas, but Michigan’s governor has appointed Pawl the state’s first Chief Mobility Officer, and this guy knows how to—and who can help—get it done
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Mixed Material Joining Study Performed

Let’s face it, steel and other materials—say aluminum—are going to be joined, so the Auto/Steel Partnership decided to determine what processes work best


Nissan Looks to the Future with Ariya EV

New look, more tech. The first in a wave of new models. 
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Caddy’s “iq” Factor

EV lineup spells the end of alphanumeric names


How the 2021 Ford F-150 Was Developed

An inside view on how the new generation came to be from the man who heads all Ford product development, Hau Thai-Tang
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Autonomous Vehicles

Musk: Tesla “Very Close” to Level 5 Autonomy

Basic functionality could be achieved this year, but real-world applications not likely anytime soon

Interiors & Electronics

S-Class Gets Next-Gen User Experience

Five screens, augmented reality and 27 fewer buttons
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Micromobility Meets Motorsports

Electric scooter race series will hit the streets next year

Dodge Goes All-Out for Muscle

Bye-bye minivans as big power takes over in 2021
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Ford Readies Bronco Sub-Brand

Three “built-wild” models, plus “off-roadeo” experiences and Bronco Nation forum