Materials & Lightweighting

Freudenberg Technology Innovation's 10-Year Vision

German materials expert Freudenberg SE helps find products and applications its divisions will need 10 years from now through its Freudenberg Technology Innovation unit.


MicroSnap: Flexible Pods for Last-Mile Transport

Mobility visionary Rinspeed AG’s new MicroSNAP concept features self-driving, electric mini-“skateboards” that carry a wide variety of plug-in pods for last mile transport of people or goods.
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How Metamoto Speeds Driver-Assist Features

Metamoto Inc. offers tools that help reduce development time for driver-assist and autonomous-driving systems, says Jeff Blackburn, head of business development.


GHSP: from Metal Stamping to Electronic Controls

Michigan-based GHSP Inc. started a century ago as a metal stamping company. Today, it’s a full-fledged electronic controls supplier.

ArcelorMittal and Third-Gen Auto Steels

In the past, moving to stronger steels meant accepting greater limits to formability. Now third-gen advanced steels are overcoming those challenges, says ArcelorMittal's Ram Iyer.
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Powertrain Innovations from AAM

American Axle & Manufacturing makes SUVs and crossovers significantly more efficient with its EcoTrac disconnecting all-wheel-drive system, says David Crecelius, director of product engineering-electrification.


Ultra-Cheap Transportation for Emerging Markets envisions bringing ultra-low-cost electric transportation to emerging economies that lack such an option, says founder Chris Borroni-Bird.


EY: Bullish About Car Sales—and Mobility as a Service

EY is bullish about the conventional auto industry but urges it to embrace a strategy that combines carmaking with the emerging trend toward mobility as a service.


VSI: Helping Developers Integrate Safety, Autonomy

Minneapolis-based VSI Labs advises designers of active safety and automated driving systems on planning and engineering during the early stages of development.


Dana Tech Spans Drivetrain Spectrum

Dana Inc. offers advanced powertrain technologies for everything from conventional piston-powered vehicles to hybrids, all-electric and fuel cell systems—and from cars to commercial trucks and offroad vehicles.