Sandia’s Power Play on Neural Networking; Cool Tech, Cooling Substrates; Smart Wipers; Controlling a Big Dash

Sandia’s Power Play on Neural Networking; Cool Tech, Cooling Substrates; Smart Wipers; Controlling a Big Dash

Scott Anderson
Contributing Editor

Machine Learning Comes to the Factory Floor

The Sysmac AI controller can identify abnormal machine behavior without being explicitly programmed to do so.

Argo AI and the Development of a Really Complicated System

You talk with Pete Rander, president of Argo AI, a company that is working with Ford on developing Level 4 autonomous vehicle technology, and as the details become clearer, the enormity of the challenge seems daunting—yet Rander, who has been working on this for some 30 years, seems delighted he and his team are doing it.

Preparing for Artificial Intelligence

AI will usher in new jobs, according to a book from the consulting firm Accenture. It’s a quick and worthwhile read.  
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Driving into the Future

“Autonomous driving, zero tailpipe emission mobility and digital networking are virtually impossible without advances in AI and deep learning.”
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The latest release of NX from Siemens PLM Software features an adaptive user interface built on artificial intelligence and machine learning, which dynamically update the NX user interface based on a prediction of the next steps in a workflow. This level of personalization can improve overall NX usage and ultimately lead to higher productivity and more efficient product development. Cax

Adopting new technology in design and manufacturing is usually a series of baby steps. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are no different.
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Want The Basics?

Hyundai Develops Smart Transmission

Advanced sensors and artificial intelligence coordinate shifts to road conditions
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Autonomous Vehicle for the Factory

Although this may not seem like much, it is actually an advanced, sensor-equipped, artificial intelligence running. . . autonomous vehicle (AV): However, this development, the MiR1000 is designed for use in factories, not on limited-access highways.

SEAT, IBM & Watson

One more thing about SEAT after yesterday’s announcement at the Mobile World Congress about its Minimó micromobility vehicle: Today it and IBM announced that the companies are developing the “Mobility Advisor,” a mobile app that will run on 4G/5G networks and utilize IBM Watson AI technology.
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Next-Gen S-Class on Track for 2020 Intro

Mercedes says the vehicle will set a new benchmark in artificial intelligence and “needs-based electrification”
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Elon Musk Sounds Off

Artificial intelligence, Mars, baby names, “unconstitutional” lockdowns and what’s next for Tesla
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Toyota Invests in Self-Driving Tech Startup lands $462 million in latest funding round and expands tests programs in California
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EY: With AI at the Wheel, Will Your Board Steer the Course?

This white paper explains why company boards in the auto industry need to embrace the importance of artificial intelligence beyond the self-driving car.

ZF and the Development of Tech for Autonomy

As executive vp with global operational responsibility for the Global Electronics business and Occupant Safety Systems businesses within the ZF Active and Passive Safety Technology division of the ZF Group, Christophe Marnat has his proverbial plate full, especially nowadays when there are burgeoning efforts on behalf of OEMs and suppliers like ZF to develop the technologies that are related to ADAS, all the way to the point of providing Level 4 or Level 5 technology.
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FCA Adds ADAS Capability to Chelsea

It seems that FCA is now taking things more seriously as regards the development of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), all the way to fully autonomous: it has announced that it has invested more than $30-million at its Chelsea Proving Grounds, which is about an hour-and-a-half southwest of the FCA US headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan.
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Realizing Autonomy

The auto industry is at a place the likes of which it hasn’t been for about 100 years.  It's a place where technological forces are transforming what has largely been a mechanical paradigm to one wherein sensors and algorithms are essential.
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DeepMap and Creating Maps for the Autonomous Vehicle

When you think of developing maps for automated vehicles, you might think along the lines of something that you see on your phone, on a screen centered in your IP or something from Garmin.
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Hyundai and Baidu Sign MOU

Baidu is a China-based tech company that is regularly referred to as the “Google of China,” given that it has a hugely popular search engine site and is doing a wide range of work that focuses on artificial intelligence for a variety of application, as well as working on autonomous vehicles.
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