Inside Xpeng Motors

A look at some of the technologies being deployed in a new factory building electric vehicles in Zhaoqing, Guandong Province

Gary S. Vasilash
Editor-in-Chief, AutoBeat Group

What You Need to Know About Byton & the M-Byte

Byton is on a fast path forward with its M-Byte electric SUV launching in China this year and North America and Europe next. Here are key aspects. And keen insights from Benoit Jacob, its head of Design
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How GM Quickly Created Capacity for Mask Production

GM’s head of global manufacturing engineering talks about how a global team put mask production capacity on the floor in a week
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New Steels Explained: What You Need to Know About the Ongoing Developments

A range of new steels is being developed to assist body engineers create better trucks, cars and SUVs. Here’s what they can do for everyone from safety engineers to designers
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Porsche Offers Special Manufacture Mods for the Taycan

Of course you need to get that Taycan modified by the people in Zuffenhausen
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October 1, 9am CST

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Next Frontier for Robots: General Assembly

The next challenge for industrial robots is achieving human-like dexterity, including the ability to handle flexible components such as wiring and fabric, says Fanuc America.


ESI’s Interactive Virtual Prototyping

ESI Group produces virtual prototyping software that enables users to simulate a product’s performance, manufacturability, ease of assembly and more, says Application Engineer Jacob Peterson.


Modularizing Front-End Assemblies

Carmakers are turning to specialty suppliers to preassemble complex front-end modules that can then be plugged into a vehicle as it moves down the assembly line.

VW Aims to Surpass Tesla in EV Output by 2023

Friendly rivals move toward direct competition in the small crossover segment.
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Nissan Manufacturing Wish List

What are the sorts of things that people at Nissan North American manufacturing ops are looking for?
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Europe’s Car Plants at 50% of Capacity

Carmakers don’t expect to return to normal output for months.
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Brexit Fumble Could Cost Carmakers $130 Billion

Deadline looms for last-minute trade deal on U.K. exit from European Union
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VW Aims to Surpass Tesla in EV Output by 2023

Friendly rivals move toward direct competition in the small crossover segment.
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Eaton Accelerates Use of Industry 4.0 Tech in Wake of COVID-19

Making the most of emerging manufacturing technologies to improve efficiencies during the pandemic
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Tesla’s New Model Y Grapples with Quality Issues

Accelerated launch schedule has reaped supply, production issues
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Tools You Can Use

Here are a few useful developments for your manufacturing operations, whether it is making components for electrical systems or camshafts or more.

U.S. Auto Industry Begins Measured Relaunch

Opening day jitters, supply chain concerns abound
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Michigan Okays Auto Production Starting May 11

Step eases supply chain bottleneck for other factories too
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UAW Pushes Back on Production Plans

United Auto Workers says May 4 is too soon to resume auto production. The Union wants more testing to ensure safe workplaces. 
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March Car Sales in China Drop (Only) 43%

Output forecast to match 2019 in second half
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