Toyota to Launch. . . a City

Rather than just trying to see how advanced mobility and robotics will fit into existing structures, Toyota is building a city to help determine how these things can be best integrated into people’s lives

Gary S. Vasilash
Editor-in-Chief, Automotive Design & Production

Robots in the Auto Industry

When it comes to the deployment of robots, the auto industry is the hands-down leader. Or maybe that should be “gripper down”
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Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s Remarkable Training Program

Yes, unemployment rates are low, but for more than a million people, employment is elusive. One company helped some of those people
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SCARAs Get New Drives, Cleaner Design

Stäubli Group ( has introduced a new line of four-axis SCARAs (selective compliance articulated robot arms), the  TS2, which features the company’s proprietary JCS drive technology, previously used only on the company’s six-axis machines, says Sebastien Schmitt, Robotics Division Manager, Stäubli North America.

Coolant-targeting Toolholders; Hybrid Metal Additive-Subtractive Machine; Fastems RoboCell

Coolant-targeting Toolholders; Hybrid Metal Additive-Subtractive Machine; Fastems RoboCell  

New SCARA from Fanuc provides speed and precision. Automation/Robotics

A look at some of the new automation technology that can improve productivity.
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Want The Basics?

Autonomous Vehicle for the Factory

Although this may not seem like much, it is actually an advanced, sensor-equipped, artificial intelligence running. . . autonomous vehicle (AV): However, this development, the MiR1000 is designed for use in factories, not on limited-access highways.

Dexterous Cobot Speeds Inspection

On one of its lines at its Youngstown, Ohio, facility, contract manufacturer Comprehensive Logistics Inc. builds both gasoline and diesel engine subassemblies.

ABB Acquires Chinese EV Charging Specialist

Swiss engineering and robotics giant ABB Group has agreed to purchase 67% of Chargedot New Energy Technology Co., which supplies charging systems for electric vehicles.
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Nissan Touts New Robotics Tech for Old Parts

Nissan Motor Co. says it has developed a cost-efficient way to produce replacement parts for discontinued vehicles.
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Kodiak Begins Freight Deliveries with Robo-Trucks

California-based startup Kodiak Robotics Inc. has begun making commercial freight deliveries in Texas with semi-autonomous highway trucks.

U.S. OKs SoftBank’s $2.3 Billion in Cruise Automation

A U.S. panel has ruled there is no national security threat in the planned $2.3 billion investment in General Motors Co.’s Cruise Automation unit by Japan’s SoftBank Corp., Reuters reports.

Bill Gates Meets LiDAR

While there is a burgeoning proliferation of companies that are in the LiDAR space, each with its own take on utilizing laser pulses to create a precise map of its surroundings for purposes of ADAS or full-blown automation, a Seattle-based company has a distinction that certainly sets it apart from its competitors.

Exoskeleton Amplifies Human Strength—And Saves Backs

The Sarcos Guardian XO Max full-body, all-electric exoskeleton features strength amplification of up to 20 to 1, making 200 pounds—the suit’s upper limit—feel like 10 pounds for the user.

Robot Control from a Machine-tool CNC

One of the challenges of integrating robots and machine tools is that each has its own control system.

Assembling the VW ID.

The transformation is underway at Volkswagen to become a preeminent producer of electric vehicles. And it is happening in a big way in Zwickau, Germany.
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Robotic Tape System Developed

Masking tape has its genesis in the automotive body shop, back in the 1920s when an employee of 3M watched painters have difficultly removing the paper that they had affixed to vehicles to “mask” portions of the cars from the paint that was being applied.
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