The Case of CASE

A presentation at the Society of Automotive Analysts’ 5th Annual Mobility Innovations Summit

Gary S. Vasilash
Transportation Editor, Gardner Business Media

GM Announces 40% of Its Vehicles EVs By End of ‘25

Company adding $7-billion to its capital spending on EVs and automated vehicles
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Designing and Engineering the Lucid Air

Developing an electric vehicle—comprehensively and deliberately.
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Face Milling Aluminum Without Burrs

Sandvik has developed a face milling approach that is analogous to rotary broaching

The Future Is Electric and Now

Paul Eichenberg says suppliers need to be positioning themselves for a different automotive future—or ride their businesses to an inevitable end
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January 7, 9am CST

AutoBeat Live is a monthly 30-minute show featuring conversations with leading observers of and people in the auto industry. Each episode will include insights about what’s happening—things that may affect suppliers to the industry. 


Engineering the 2020 Nissan Sentra

An inside look on how an impressive compact sedan came to be
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Fuel Cells

Trevor Milton of Nikola Talks Industry Disruption

Will Nikola become the Tesla of Class 8 trucking (the Tesla semi notwithstanding)? It sure seems like a good bet. And lots of investors are betting it will
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All About EV Batteries

A deep dive into battery tech by a man who was instrumental in helping it get on the road
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What You Should Know About High-Speed Machining

The tools go a whole lot faster—40,000 rpm, perhaps—but the advantage is not parts per hour but in the ability to make precise parts with less induced stress

Proterra Launches Battery Production Line

Leader in electric transit bus production adds battery pack production to plant

3 Things with Matthew Renna, Jon Allen and Terry Onica

Three people talk about three different things important in the industry. In this case: EVs, the Automotive Supply Chain, and Cloud Connected Vehicles.
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Tesla Inks 5-Year Lithium Deal with Chinese Supplier

Materials strategy mimics multi-sourcing battery plans

Can a CVT Boost EV Performance?

Bosch says new gearbox can better balance efficiency and peak output
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Audi Electric Investments Continue

Electromobility getting €15 billion through 2025
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HUMMER EV Under the Sheet Metal

When you take away the the body and the interior, here’s what you have
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GM, Nikola Revise Plans...Sans Electric Pickup and Equity Stake

New agreement focuses on heavy-duty trucks

XPeng and NIO: Their Approaches to the Market

Although their sales numbers are far from enormous, their strategies may provide huge growth opportunities

Consumer Interest in EVs and Self-Driving Cars Stuck in Neutral

Knowledge and firsthand experience lacking. COVID didn’t help.

The VW Golf TGI: Internal Combustion—of Natural Gas

Yes, electric vehicles are increasing in number. But there’s something to be said for natural gas.
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