Additive Manufacturing

VW Opens Additive Center

Volkswagen is further showing its commitment to the promise of additive technology for production operations by the opening today of a 3,100-square meter center in Wolfsburg that is dedicated to the technology.
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Additive Manufacturing

About Additive

If you’re interested in what 3D/additive can/can’t do, then you might want to attend the Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Automotive, that is being held at the first industry day of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), January 16, in Cobo Center. 
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Ford Advancing Manufacturing

To assure that the company maintains its capabilities, relevance and leading-edge know-how in manufacturing, Ford has spent $45-million on its Advanced Manufacturing Center in Redford Township, Michigan, just west of Detroit.
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A Counterintuitive Approach to Printing Metal Parts

Hybrid additive/subtractive systems for printing and finishing metal parts have been around for years now. It’s always been “first build it, then cut and polish it.” A process developed by 3DEO Inc. uses a radically different hybrid method.  

Additive Manufacturing

Additive for Production

Putting lasers to work melting alloys for the additive production of parts.

Additive Manufacturing

How Topology Optimization Enables Design for Lightweighting

Simulation software enables automotive engineers to take advantage of the lightweighting opportunities provided by technologies like 3D printing and microcellular injection molding.


BMW Is Big on Additive

Here are some interesting numbers recently reported by BMW, starting with one-million, which is the number of 3D printed components that the company has used in series production since it started using the additive process for production purposes back in 2010.
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Additive Manufacturing

Printing Production

There is clearly a growing interest in how the additive process can be further moved from limited production to, well, production.
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Additive Manufacturing

Tech: 5G, Alloy, 3D Printing, and Cameras

 A 5G mobile network, alloy in a class with diamonds, Bugatti Divo, and new investment for Hyundai Mobis
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Additive Manufacturing

Additive Operation Addresses Total System

The volume production of aluminum parts made with additive manufacturing has become one step closer to realization as a pilot operation that was announced last year by a joint venture established Daimler, German aircraft structures supplier Premium Aerotec, and additive manufacturing equipment producer EOS (, NextGenAM, has been established in a Premium Aerotec facility in Varel, Germany.
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