Additive Manufacturing

Improving PBF for 3D Metal Printing

Powder bed fusion (PBF) is an additive manufacturing method that is performed in a wide variety of ways, from direct laser metal sintering to electron beam melting.

Additive Manufacturing

VW, HP, GKN and 3D

“A complete vehicle will probably not be manufactured by a 3D printer any time soon, but the number and size of parts from the 3D printer will increase significantly,” according to Dr. Martin Goede, head of Technology and Planning and Development, Volkswagen.
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Printing a Shock

Although this shock absorber is just a demonstration device, its fabrication is rather clever as the materials company that made it, Covestro, used three different materials and three different 3D fabrication processes to make it: First, there’s the outer spring of the 40 x 7-cm part.
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Manufacturing Systems: The SLM 280 and More

SLM 280 metal additive manufacturing system. Compact Horizontal Machining Center. Versatile Solid Carbide Drill. Comprehensive CAM Software. Ergonomic Pneumatic Die Grinder.

Additive Manufacturing

Lighten Up: Altair’s Enlighten Award Presented

Although Altair is a company that provides advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE) software and high-performance computing applications, it has a particular interest in innovative automotive lightweighting, which has led the company, for the past six years, to provide the Altair Enlighten Awards to OEMs and suppliers that have come out with products that show notable achievements in weight savings.
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Additive Manufacturing

Tech: Infrared, 3D, LiDAR, and Cameras

New research and big plays from Local Motors, Volvo, Mobileye and ZF
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VW I.D. R & 3D

The Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak race car didn’t set the record for just electric vehicles. It set the record, period.
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Additive Manufacturing

Crash Dummies Impacted by Additive

Humanetics develops new process for building its latest crash test dummy model, using 3D printing for much of the construction. 
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Audi and 3D

“Design is one of the most important buying decisions for Audi customers,” says the company’s Dr. Tim Spiering, who continues, “therefore it’s crucial we adhere to supreme quality standards during the design and concept phase of vehicle development.”
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Additive, Here and Now

Some people insist that 3D printers and other additive manufacturing will remove metal cutting and injection molding from the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers wonder how long until they are able to 3D-print high-volume production parts. Capabilities exist right now that may be surprising.  
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