Additive Manufacturing Requires More Than Scanning to a Point Cloud

After scanning to a point cloud, additive manufacturing requires some part design features not common in subtractive manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing

Tech Watch: Shaping Components at Hyundai Mobis

Hyundai Mobis invests about 3-billion Korean Won ($3-million) to create its Design Model Workshop in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do.
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Additive Manufacturing

Tech Watch: EVO Tries to Evolve 3D Printing

Airwolf 3D wants its customers to think of its new EVO desktop product as an additive manufacturing “center.”

Additive Manufacturing

SABIC Creates Amazing Class 8 Fairing

If you look at the top of the cab of that Mack Anthem Class 8 truck you’ll note the way it arcs back to the trailer.
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Additive Manufacturing

How Real Is Additive Manufacturing?

There is a lot of discussion about how 3D printing/rapid prototyping/additive manufacturing is revolutionizing manufacturing, including automotive manufacturing.
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GM and Autodesk Advancing Design and Manufacturing

General Motors is working with Autodesk on utilizing advanced design software and 3D printing capabilities to develop parts that are not only lighter than those otherwise developed, but which combine what would otherwise be separate parts, thereby reducing manufacturing complexity.
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Additive Manufacturing

BMW to Open Pilot Plant for 3D Parts

BMW AG plans to open an additive manufacturing (3D-printing) campus early next year in Germany.
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Additive Manufacturing

Evolve Advances Additive—Manufacturing

If you’re interested in additive manufacturing—even interested while fully thinking that you really need some reasonable production volumes, say of 15,000 to 20,000 parts, and know that what’s out there right now pretty much is limited to a fraction of that number—then here’s an acronym to know: STEP, and a company to stay aware of: Evolve Additive Solutions.


Tech Watch: Autonomy in Scanning

“Our scan system is able to measure any component, irrespective of its design—and you don’t have to teach it.”

Additive Manufacturing

Ford Invests in 3D-Printing Startup

Desktop Metal Inc., a Burlington, Mass.-based 3D printing company, says it has raised an additional $65 million to bring total investment in the firm to $277 million.
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