Additive Manufacturing

Valvoline Touts Motor Oil Additive to Combat NVH in Turbo/Direct-Injection Engines

Valvoline Inc. says it has developed a new motor oil formulation that helps protect gasoline engines from low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI) issues that can affect turbocharged and gasoline-direct-injection engines.


The Coming EV Boom; Testing 3D Printing Close Up; Sensing Human Heartbeats Inside the Car 

The Coming EV Boom; Testing 3D Printing Close Up; A New LiDAR Entrant; Sensing Human Heartbeats Inside the Car
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DSM Commits to Toyota Motorsport.

DSM Commits to Toyota Motorsport. 
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MINI Goes Big on 3D Printing

Although the auto industry uses a tremendous amount of 3D printing equipment, one avoids referring to it as “additive manufacturing” for the simple reason that “manufacturing” sounds like repetitive processing of goods in non-trivial volume, and given (1) the throughput of the equipment and (2) the number of vehicles that are produced in a given hour by any manufacturer whose products are sitting in the parking lot outside your window (OK, there are exceptions, like if you happen to be in Newport Beach), the auto industry has pretty much used the equipment for purposes of prototyping.
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Printing Prototypes

Skorpion Engineering, an Italian firm with operations in both Milan and Turin, is deploying 3D printers from Stratasys to produce complex prototypes 50 percent faster than it was able to do when it was using clay modeling to produce components.
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Additive Manufacturing

Porsche Holding Invests in 3D Printing Companies

Stuttgart-based Porsche Automobil Holding SE, which owns a controlling-stake in Volkswagen Group, has acquired minority holdings in two 3D-printing companies.
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3D Printing at Techniplas

Techniplas LLC has been supplying complex plastic components to the auto industry for nearly 100 years.

Additive Manufacturing

Hydrogen: The 21st Century Fuel Additive

This past weekend, the Woodward Dream Cruise was held in Detroit, where there was a seemingly endless parade of classic and wanna-be-classic cars from days gone by rolling past throngs of viewers from literally all around the world.


BASF Forms 3D Printing Unit

BASF SE is forming a subsidiary, BASF 3D Printing Solutions GmbH, to focus on 3D manufacturing applications.
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Additive Manufacturing

Stratasys Enables 3D Printing to Go Long

Three-dimensional printing, which literally builds objects out of thin air, debuted more than 25 years ago.