Autonomous Vehicles

Musk: Tesla “Very Close” to Level 5 Autonomy

Basic functionality could be achieved this year, but real-world applications not likely anytime soon


NEVS Targets Flexible Robo-Taxis

Reconfigurable seating and plug-and-play autonomous software is put to the test in Sweden
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Velodyne to Merge with Acquisition Specialist

Deal increases funding for further development and commercialization of lidar  
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Autonomous Vehicles

UN Unveils Rules for Autonomy, Software Updates, Cybersecurity

Standards aim to help regulators monitor tech developments

Autonomous Vehicles

Amazon to Buy Zoox Robo-Car Startup

Focus is automated ride-hailing, package delivery services
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Volvo, Waymo to Partner on Robo-Taxis

AV collaborations abound to jumpstart commercialization efforts
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BMW, Daimler Shelve Robo-Car Alliance

Deemed too costly for now, plan could be revived later.
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Autonomous Vehicles

Study: Robo-Taxis Not the Answer for Low-Income Medical Access

Costs of autonomous vehicles need to come down dramatically

Autonomous Vehicles

Mach E to Offer Hands-Free Driving

Ford has a lot riding on the Mustang Mach E, as it is the company’s effort not only to make an electric vehicle (it has done that before) but an electric vehicle that is desirable and accessible to regular folks.


New Rogue Gets Upgraded Safety and Autonomous Vehicle Tech Too

ProPilot system improves road monitoring and stop-and-go capabilities