Veoneer Exec Tapped to Head AV Computing Consortium

Creating standards for sensors and processors

Intelligent Transportation

Another Application for Geo-Fenced AVs: Factory Logistics

Partners team up on valet parking and other niches
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Autonomous Vehicles

Velodyne Spins Ahead with New Lidar Contracts

Deals with Motional and May Mobility Follow Baidu Partnership
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Autonomous Vehicles in the Norwegian Winter

A pilot program will start in Oslo during Q1 2021—when there’s plenty of precipitation, including the white fluffy kind

Autonomous Vehicles

Quick Takes: Sensor Suites and Higher-Level Autonomy

LeddarTech, Renesas and Coast Technologies execs share their views
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Car/Ride Sharing

ZF Delves into the Middle(ware)

An important layer between traditional software and hardware that will help enable next-generation technologies
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Autonomous Vehicles

Motional, Lyft to Launch Robo-Taxi Service in 2023

Driverless services on tap for several U.S. cities

Autonomous Vehicles

Zoox Vehicle Officially Unveiled

Electric. Level 5 capable. And owned by Amazon


A Business Case for Self-Driving EVs: Farming

They can drive themselves, improve crop yields and cut costs
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Aurora Buys Uber's AV Business

Startup bolsters resources as it nears commercialization, ride-hailing giant to focus on core business