Tesla Inks 5-Year Lithium Deal with Chinese Supplier

Materials strategy mimics multi-sourcing battery plans


VW Readies Automated EV Charging System

No humans required


What You Should Know About High-Speed Machining

The tools go a whole lot faster—40,000 rpm, perhaps—but the advantage is not parts per hour but in the ability to make precise parts with less induced stress


Proterra Launches Battery Production Line

Leader in electric transit bus production adds battery pack production to plant


Can a CVT Boost EV Performance?

Bosch says new gearbox can better balance efficiency and peak output
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Autonomous Vehicles

Zoox Vehicle Officially Unveiled

Electric. Level 5 capable. And owned by Amazon


Rating EV Charging Stations

Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of room for improvement


Startup to Test Solid-State EV Cells in 2022

Solid Power says its next-gen battery could go into production in 2027.

Autonomous Vehicles

A Business Case for Self-Driving EVs: Farming

They can drive themselves, improve crop yields and cut costs
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Supplier Touts Quantum Leap in Solid-State Batteries

VW-backed startup overcomes tradeoffs in promising tech
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