Autonomous Vehicles

Smart Road Startup Appoints CEO and Head of Michigan Office

Their first project is to develop the autonomous vehicle corridor in Michigan that was announced last month. 


Toyota Expands Woven Mobility Universe

$800 million VC arm will invest in “growth-stage” tech companies
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Car/Ride Sharing

Toyota Taps Former CES Official as Tech Lobbyist

New K Street point person for autonomous vehicles and flying cars
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Trade Groups Squabble Over Rights to Vehicle Data

What happens if car owners allow third-party access?


Nokia Wins Patent Ruling on Connectivity Tech

Defends cellular connectivity patents in German lawsuit against Daimler
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SiriusXM Dials in 911 on Crash Info

New partnership with RapidSOS automates antiquated system


Michigan Proposes “CAV” Corridor

The future of where the rubber meets the road  
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Smart Cities Need to Make Smarter Decisions

Applications should be nimble and customizable, not one-size-fits all


3 Things with Danny Shapiro, Cheryl Thompson, and Stephanie Brinley

Three people. Three topics. Infinite insights.
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Autonomous Vehicles

Here Comes Private Equity!

The forecasted effects of electrification, autonomy and connectedness are being hastened upon automotive companies.