Fuel Cells

Revolutionary Hydrogen Storage Tank Design Could Propel H2 Deployment

Rather than storing hydrogen in a large cylindrical tank, Noble Gas has developed a conformal system


Big Increase Projected for "Green" Hydrogen

Annual investments to surpass $1 billion by 2023
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Fuel Cells

GM, Nikola Revise Plans...Sans Electric Pickup and Equity Stake

New agreement focuses on heavy-duty trucks


Mahle Making Moves in Alternative Powertrain Tech

Among the German company’s efforts: a new EV test bench and a development center in China
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Hyundai and INEOS Advancing Hydrogen Use

While INEOS may be known to people in the auto industry as the company that is developing a vehicle that is boxy, utilitarian and retro-chic, there is more than a whiff of hydrogen about it, too

Fuel Cells

The Importance of Commerical Applications for Autonomy

While self-driving vehicles seem to be things that people think may ease their commutes (when WFH is no longer the norm), it may be trucks where autonomy comes to the fore

Fuel Cells

The Future Is Electric and Now

Paul Eichenberg says suppliers need to be positioning themselves for a different automotive future—or ride their businesses to an inevitable end
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Fuel Cells

Magna Exec Sees a Hydrogen Future

No, this is not some far-off future, but at the start of the next decade
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MAN Fuels Up with Hydrogen

Truckmaker eyes fuel cell and hydrogen ICE applications
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Fuel Cells

Pierburg Teams with BMW on Fuel Cell Blower

Integrated system aims to boost efficiency and reduce costs
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