Do Plug-In Hybrids Really Measure Up?

Report says real-world carbon dioxide emissions are far higher than certified.


Daimler, Geely Partner on Hybrid Powertrains

Partners see a good bet on piston engines to deliver them to an all-electric future.
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EV Charging Developer Readies Scalable Platform

Charging up to meet higher battery capacities


Valeo Scales Up Tech Plans

CTO Guillaume Devauchelle on the future of electrification, automation and in-vehicle health systems
#Valeo #europe #tech

Interiors & Electronics

New EV Heating Concept is on the Money

Partners aim to extend driving range by supplementing HVAC system


VW Hikes Tech Budget to $86 Billion

An already-massive push into electrification and software gets more so.
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Reinventing the Electric Motor

Infinitum’s printed circuit board design promises significant performance, packaging, manufacturing and cost benefits
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BMW Unveils the iX EV SUV

While it isn’t going to be available until early 2022, BMW wants to show that it is in the lux EV SUV space, too
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Hyundai Ramps Up SUV Plans

A dozen new and redesigned models are in the works. Most will get eco-friendly powertrains.


CARB OKs Kandi

Looking for a small EV and live in California? Then the K27 may be the car for you.