Intelligent Transportation

C-V2X in China

There is some serious development of this critical technology going on in China
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FCC Ready to Reassign Auto Safety Spectrum

Commission plans to dump DSRC after 21-year tryout.


I’m a Mobineer: An Innovator Working to Improve Mobility

Rethinking transportation systems with passion, creativity and imagination

Autonomous Vehicles

Smart Road Startup Appoints CEO and Head of Michigan Office

Feasibility study in Detroit underway

Intelligent Transportation

Intel Announces IoT Processors

Fast, reliable and capable are some of the characteristics of this new hardware


NHTSA Launches AV Test Tracking Tool

NHTSA launches a website that provides an up-to-date look on a slice of automated driving testing across the country
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Ford, Bosch and Bedrock Collaborate on Automated Parking

Using self-driving technology for something people don’t really care for: Parking
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Intelligent Transportation

Lidar Scanning Streets in Reno

Smart sensors are needed to develop smart cities
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Car/Ride Sharing

Smart Cities Need to Make Smarter Decisions

Applications should be nimble and customizable, not one-size-fits all


Beep, Local Motors Partner on AV Shuttles

Partners target government programs and low-speed, geo-fenced applications
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