JLR to Use Recycled Plastic in Car Interiors

Putting your feet down on CO2 savings


Cadillac Is Designing for the Future Today

Here’s how Cadillac is transforming its look as it transitions to an electric future while not ignoring the wonderful time that brought it to today
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Canoo Takes “Skatekart” EV Chassis for a Spin

Integrated design can accomodate 75% of today’s cars and commercial vehicles


Thermal Sensors for Vehicular and Pedestrian Safety

Detecting heat energy can make a big difference for braking in time to prevent accidents

Autonomous Vehicles

Zero Concept: New EV Platform and a New ADAS System

Lynk & Co announced a new electric concept car yesterday that it plans to have in production next year that will use an advanced ADAS system from Mobileye
#LynkCo #Geely #Volvo


Intel Announces IoT Processors

Fast, reliable and capable are some of the characteristics of this new hardware

Materials & Lightweighting

Leather vs. Virus: Italian Tanner Creates New Material Treatment

Italian tanning company develops antiviral treatment for leather

Interiors & Electronics

Design of the 2021 Kia Sorento

The all-new compact SUV features a fresh, bold design—something that Kia is now known for


Hands-Off Controls: Making a Grand Gesture More Common

Low-cost tech promises to bring touchless systems to mainstream models  


2021 GMC Yukon 4WD AT4

This is the first Yukon AT4, being offered on the new full-size SUV platform. For people looking for features, performance and capability, it is worth the wait