VW Readies Automated EV Charging System

No humans required

Car/Ride Sharing

Personal Car Ownership Fends Off Public Transport During Pandemic

EVs gaining acceptance but the pace needs to accelerate

Autonomous Vehicles

Veoneer Exec Tapped to Head AV Computing Consortium

Creating standards for sensors and processors


Another Application for Geo-Fenced AVs: Factory Logistics

Partners team up on valet parking and other niches
#tech #facilities

Autonomous Vehicles

Velodyne Spins Ahead with New Lidar Contracts

Deals with Motional and May Mobility Follow Baidu Partnership
#asia #Velodyne

Intelligent Transportation

Autonomous Vehicles in the Norwegian Winter

A pilot program will start in Oslo during Q1 2021—when there’s plenty of precipitation, including the white fluffy kind


Smart Wheelchair Tech Wins Toyota Mobility Challenge

Putting technology to work for those who need it most
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Autonomous Vehicles

Quick Takes: Sensor Suites and Higher-Level Autonomy

LeddarTech, Renesas and Coast Technologies execs share their views
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Autonomous Vehicles

ZF Delves into the Middle(ware)

An important layer between traditional software and hardware that will help enable next-generation technologies
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Car/Ride Sharing

Motional, Lyft to Launch Robo-Taxi Service in 2023

Driverless services on tap for several U.S. cities