Do Plug-In Hybrids Really Measure Up?

Report says real-world carbon dioxide emissions are far higher than certified.


Freudenberg Doubles Up on Battery Pressure Controls

Non-woven fabrics enhance permeability and water tightness 

Fuel Cells

Hyundai and INEOS Advancing Hydrogen Use

While INEOS may be known to people in the auto industry as the company that is developing a vehicle that is boxy, utilitarian and retro-chic, there is more than a whiff of hydrogen about it, too


Don Walker of Magna Talks About the Industry Now—and In the Future

Don Walker is CEO of Magna, a company that he has been with for 33 years. He’s retiring at the end of 2020 and talks to “Autoline After Hours” about the industry he has been instrumental in
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Chinese Battery Maker Ramps Up Plans

Cobalt-free units due next year, $2.4 billion European plant to open in 2023
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Daimler, Geely Partner on Hybrid Powertrains

Partners see a good bet on piston engines to deliver them to an all-electric future.
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The Case of CASE

A presentation at the Society of Automotive Analysts’ 5th Annual Mobility Innovations Summit
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Talking about the Future of Mobility

Panelists from Ford, Bosch and the U.S. Army share their views on micromobility, autonomy, electrification and education
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GM Announces 40% of Its Vehicles EVs By End of ‘25

Company adding $7-billion to its capital spending on EVs and automated vehicles
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EV Charging Developer Readies Scalable Platform

Charging up to meet higher battery capacities