Engineering the GM Full-Size Utes and More

On this edition of “Autoline After Hours” we have the man who is in charge of global products for General Motors
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MINI and Small Houses & a Digital Twin in Tokyo

Getting people physically on the road and digitally testing without people on the road


2020 Nissan Sentra 2.0 SV

Compact cars may not sell like they used to, but the Sentra is one that would probably surprise those who don’t think about how well a compact sedan can be done

October 1, 9am CST

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Bronco Designer Talks Product Development

Here’s how the 2021 Bronco was designed to both look like and perform like a Bronco—the iconic 4x4, yet brought up to the moment—explained by Paul Wraith, the vehicle’s chief designer
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How the 2021 Ford F-150 Was Developed

An inside view on how the new generation came to be from the man who heads all Ford product development, Hau Thai-Tang
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Magna Makes Masks: And You Can, Too

Global supplier addresses critical need for protective masks—including instructions how you can make them at home
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Artists and Inspirators Creatively Face Cancer

“Brushes With Cancer” show to be held at the GM Design Center Gallery starting September 25. And you can support this important undertaking


People Like Trips and EV Truck Designed for Safety

The pandemic has led to more road trips and an innovative EV cargo delivery van has been designed for great line-of-sight

Interiors & Electronics

Next-Gen Rolls-Royce Ghost Takes Shape

More tech, sleeker design, star-studded interior
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Next-Gen Nissan Z Steps Out

Retro design cues mixed with modern touches make 50+ look like the new 1969


Redesigned Hyundai Tucson Breaks Cover

4th-Gen crossover boasts bold design, hybrid option, more tech
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Nvidia Wins CPU Arms Race with $40 Billion Acquisition

Deal teams advanced GPU and AI tech with high-volume CPUs for next-gen autonomous vehicles
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Interiors & Electronics

2020 Hyundai Venue Denim

Presumably, they’re hoping it will be what the kids are wearing—I mean, driving
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Engineering the Ram TRX

The chief engineer of what is claimed to be the “quickest, fastest and most-powerful mass-produced truck in the world” explains how they did it.
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2020 Volkswagen Passat 2.0T SE R-Line

This could be the very dictionary definition of a “midsize car”
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Ram Goes Raptor Hunting with Off-Road Pickup

It’s the fastest. Most powerful. The Ram 1500 TRX is all truck from top to bottom.
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Interiors & Electronics

2021 Toyota GR Supra 3.0

If his name is Mikey, then one could say, “Mikey likes it!”
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Mercedes Launches Extensive Digital Production Platform

Company plans to achieve 15% efficiency improvement through connecting sensors—and everything in between—to the Cloud