Additive Advances at General Motors

The OEM is finding the ways and means to deploy the process throughout product development and production


Engineering the 2021 Ford F-150

When you’re making a new F-Series, you’ve got a lot riding on everything you do
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No Guts, No Success. . .

Porsche took a risk 18 years ago. It won. Big.

January 7, 9am CST

AutoBeat Live is a monthly 30-minute show featuring conversations with leading observers of and people in the auto industry. Each episode will include insights about what’s happening—things that may affect suppliers to the industry. 

Interiors & Electronics

Designing and Engineering the Lucid Air

Developing an electric vehicle—comprehensively and deliberately.
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Engineering the 2020 Nissan Sentra

An inside look on how an impressive compact sedan came to be
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Talking Acura TLX

The folks in charge of developing and manufacturing the fifth-generation TLX talk on “Autoline After Hours.”
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Good Design Awards for 2020 in Auto

Congrats to those who are there. . .but where are some others. . .?
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Akella on the Intersection of AI & Manual Assembly Ops

While there is an on-going pursuit of automation, Prasad Akella and his colleagues at Drishti Technologies believe there are big benefits to be gained by improving manual operations by using the power of AI


Revolutionary Hydrogen Storage Tank Design Could Propel H2 Deployment

Rather than storing hydrogen in a large cylindrical tank, Noble Gas has developed a conformal system


BMW Embraces Cloudy Future with AWS Partnership

Improved results targeted with data-based decisions
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Rapid Prototyping

VW to Use Next-Gen Stratasys 3D Printer

Multi-material rapid prototyping that is 99% accurate to production parts


Nexteer Tools Up Future Engineering

It’s full speed ahead for next-generation software systems

Interiors & Electronics

NASCAR, Amelia Island Concours and More

A special “Autoline After Hours” with Ray Evernham and Bill Warner
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BMW Embraces Cloudy Future with AWS Partnership

Improved results targeted with data-based decisions
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What Windows You Should Open to Minimize C-19 Risk

University researchers used CFD to determine how to reduce possible contamination between driver and passenger


Henrik Fisker on Design, Working With Magna & More

While the Fisker Ocean isn’t expected to launch until the end of 2022, the legendary designer talks about how his company is preparing to create compelling electric vehicles
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Designing Better User Interfaces

Current infotainment systems leave a lot to be desired. What needs to change?


Engineering the 2021 Acura TLX

The second-generation sport sedan is designed and engineered to perform.
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