Prius Turns 20

Who would have thought that the Prius would have such legs? Outside of people in Toyota City, perhaps not many. But in the U.S., 20 years on, and 1.9-million sold...
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Formula SAE: Racing to Education

Although they’re no longer able to prove out the performance of the vehicles they’ve designed, engineered and produced at places like Michigan International Speedway, Formula SAE students are still in the thick of competition
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Thousands of sketches and three full-size clay models were produced to get the Shelby GT500 just right. These sketches are by exterior designer Christopher Stevens.

Designing the 2020 Mustang Shelby GT500

When you’re going to have your fastest street-legal car, you’re making sure that it looks the part—and then some.
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Want The Basics?

Magna Makes Masks: And You Can, Too

Global supplier addresses critical need for protective masks—including instructions how you can make them at home
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GM’s Electric Offensive and Other Automotive Developments

Here’s a solid hour of informative observations about what’s going on in the auto industry right now
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Interiors & Electronics

It’s “Only” an Escalade

Executing the interior of the new version of Cadillac’s venerable flagship, Escalade
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Toyota AI Ventures Extends Call for Innovation

The world has changed since the call was made at the 2020 CES
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Cars Without Coffee: Tom Kearns’ Work-in-Process

Not only is the Porsche in the garage of the chief designer of Kia Design Center America cool, it is also rare. And in-process.
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Cars Without Coffee: Inside Kevin Hunter’s Garage

Tenth in a series. Yes, he’s a designer. But he also likes the visceral enjoyment of driving (good-looking vehicles).
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Materials & Lightweighting

Design Your Own Supercar: Kids Edition

Contest winners get to ride along with celebrity driver the Stig and lots of other cool prizes


Finding a Purpose for an EV Grille

Hyundai Mobis integrates pedestrian alert sound system into front-end design
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Additive Manufacturing

How GM Quickly Created Capacity for Mask Production

GM’s head of global manufacturing engineering talks about how a global team put mask production capacity on the floor in a week
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Cars Without Coffee: Amy Marentic’s Garage

Ninth in a series: Just because you didn’t become an astronaut doesn’t mean you give up on velocity
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The Rolls-Royce of Easter Eggs

Jellybeans may be tasty, but this egg is absolutely gob-smacking


Cars Without Coffee: Bennion Designs Corvettes. And Drives Them, Too.

Eighth in a series. Why wouldn’t he have a 660-hp Corvette in his garage?
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Engineering at Home With the Kids

The James Dyson Foundation has put a group of engineers together to create an array of fascinating science and engineering challenges for the kids (and adults) at home


Cars Without Coffee: Ralph Gilles’ Alfas

Sixth in a series. Yes, there are FCA vehicles in Ralph Gilles’ garage. But ones you might not think.
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