China and U.S. Manufacturing Job Losses

The EPI finds there have been millions of people put out of work in the U.S. due to competition with China—most in manufacturing

Gary S. Vasilash
Editor-in-Chief, Automotive Design & Production

Michigan's PlanetM Mobility Outreach

Michigan is promoting mobility development through its PlanetM initiative. Trevor Pawl, who heads business development for the initiative, explains.

The Auto Industry in 2019—and Beyond

What do events in 2019 portend for the industry’s future?
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Putting Material in Its Place

Shedding weight to make cars more efficient is complicated by the economic advantages of using as many of the same components as possible in multiple models, says Altair Engineering’s Richard Yen.
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The Expensive Electric Future—Taycan & Beyond

There is the engineering. And then there are the economics. . . .
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As global markets start to slow, automotive companies must realize that technology disruption makes this downturn fundamentally different – and thriving requires a new approach.

Want The Basics?

How Tariffs Are Hurting Suppliers

Suppliers to the auto industry are paying hundreds of millions of dollars extra because of tariffs of 25% and 10% on steel and aluminum, respectively, says the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Assn.’s Ann Wilson.

How Tariffs, Interest Rates Will Shape Car Sales

New trade tariffs have cut the value of automotive shipments 9% in the final five months of 2018, says Gardner Intelligence Chief Economist Michael Guckes.

OESA Counsels Diligence about Sales

The North American auto industry should remain diligent about potential “trip wires” to continued growth, says Mike Jackson, executive director of strategy and research for the Original Equipment Suppliers Assn.

Car Output in Germany Slumps to 23-Year Low

Germany’s auto industry, which depends heavily on exports, is in trouble.
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Plastics and the Environment

A materials processor acknowledges it is important to contribute to the circular economy.
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U.S. Ratifies NA Trade Deal

The U.S. Senate has quickly rubber-stamped the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement covering tax-free trade in North America.

Volvo Plans EV Battery Plant in U.S.

A new battery factory near Volvo's vehicle assembly plant in South Carolina shows commitment to America's electric-car market.
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Trump Fuel Economy Rollback in Final Review

U.S. regulators have submitted for final review their plan to dial down future fuel economy standards for passenger vehicles.

Nissan Braces for a Break with Renault

A team of high-level executives at Nissan is stepping up what-if plans to go it alone should the company’s 20-year-old alliance with Renault fall apart.
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California, Canada and Counting Cars

According to widely accepted statics, if California was a country, it would have the fifth largest economy in the world.
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Bosch Improves Economics for Autonomous Air Taxis

MEMs sensors developed for automotive applications just might make air taxis possible thanks to the affordability provided by scale. Bosch is addressing this advance.
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MTU Research to Boost Fuel Economy ~20%

Researchers are using V2X communications and other methods to provide vehicles with a significant increase in fuel economy.
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The Transformation of the Auto Industry

One of the ways that Karma marked its fifth anniversary was announcing that it has invested $7.5-million in its Irvine, California, facility, including a powertrain test facility.
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EY: Where’s the Profit in New Mobility?

How can the auto industry generate enough revenue to pay for its rush to find new options to traditional car ownership?