A Skeptical View of Tesla

Montana Skeptic appears on this edition of “Autoline After Hours” to throw cold water on Tesla, but unlike the Wicked Witch of the West, it doesn’t melt

Gary S. Vasilash
Editor-in-Chief, AutoBeat Group

Building Hondas and Acuras Is a Family Affair

First-hand insights into building NSXes, Accords and much more
#Acura #Honda #Hyundai

Number of Vehicles Per Person Rising. . .

Sort of. And what will the future hold?

The Word: “Disrupt”

Sure, there are some exaggerated claims about things. But this might be a bit too, well. . . .
#Fisker #Karma

Design Pro Talks Quadrobots, Teslas & More

John Manoogian II is part of the design fabric of the auto industry. He shares insights on this edition of “Autoline After Hours”
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As global markets start to slow, automotive companies must realize that technology disruption makes this downturn fundamentally different – and thriving requires a new approach.

Want The Basics?
Intelligent Transportation

Michigan's PlanetM Mobility Outreach

Michigan is promoting mobility development through its PlanetM initiative. Trevor Pawl, who heads business development for the initiative, explains.


Putting Material in Its Place

Shedding weight to make cars more efficient is complicated by the economic advantages of using as many of the same components as possible in multiple models, says Altair Engineering’s Richard Yen.


EY: Where’s the Profit in New Mobility?

How can the auto industry generate enough revenue to pay for its rush to find new options to traditional car ownership?

U.K. Car Production Heads for Four-Decade Low

Slow recovery threatens industry’s future in Britain

Nissan’s Rx: Major Surgery

Uchida Plans Ghosn-like turnaround blitz for ailing carmaker
#asia #people #Datsun

What Suppliers Need to Know Right Now

This is a time of reckoning for the auto industry, says Paul Eichenberg. He has some recommendations as to how companies can make their way through it.
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CAR’s MBS Conference Goes Online

Online format offers lower price, greater accessibility, more flexibility

Gas Prices Rise, Oil Output Drops

But the connection between the two isn’t clear, yet

Coronavirus Auto Industry Roundup: May 29

Production grows unevenly in U.S., Europe
#asia #europe #Ford

U.S. Economy Shrinks at 4.8% Rate

Glum financial news, but we’ve been here before
#asia #europe #Daimler

How Much Will COVID-19 Impact Automotive R&D Spending?

Virtually all automakers and suppliers expect to reduce r&d spending this year, but company size and location make a difference.
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March Car Sales in China Drop (Only) 43%

Output forecast to match 2019 in second half
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Shakeout for China’s EV Market

Funding dries up as market demand swoons
#Chrysler #Daimler #Fiat

A Comeback for Cash-for-Clunker Deals?

Scrappage plans could kickstart car sales

Production Outlook: A Tough Quarter, Then a Path to Recovery

Carmakers could surpass year-ago output by September
#asia #europe #americas