Can Radar Eliminate the Need for LiDAR?

UC San Diego researchers develop a radar-based system that could mean a more cost-effective approach to automated driving

Gary S. Vasilash
Transportation Editor, Gardner Business Media

2020 Land Rover Defender 110 SE

Yes, it can manage the hills and dales and rocks and rills. And it simply looks great.
#Land Rover #chassis

2020 Volkswagen Arteon 2.0T SEL Premium R-Line

The Volkswagen sedan that people don’t seem to know about—but ought to
#Volkswagen #Suzuki

Magna Engineers Another Clever Seat

Forward, fold, flip—Magna seating engineers just keep making it easier to get in and out of vehicles
#Dodge #Chrysler

Engineering an Autonomous ATV—for Mars

Farah Alibay is a mobility engineer—who works on extraterrestrial vehicles

January 7, 9am CST

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What Do People Know About Automated Vehicles?

Probably a whole lot less than industry insiders might imagine
#AutolineAfterHours #Tesla #Volvo


All About EV Batteries

A deep dive into battery tech by a man who was instrumental in helping it get on the road
#Tesla #Volvo #AutolineAfterHours


GM Develops a New Electrical Platform

GM engineers create a better electrical architecture that can handle the ever-increasing needs of vehicle systems
#Volvo #AutolineAfterHours #Tesla

Qualcomm and Great Wall Motors Connect

Companies developing a range of self-driving capabilities
#GreatWallMotors #Qualcomm #tech

Designing Better User Interfaces

Current infotainment systems leave a lot to be desired. What needs to change?

Brian Latouf and Hyundai’s Pursuit of Safety

According to Latouf, safety is “foundational” at Hyundai. He should know. He’s Hyundai Motor North America’s chief safety officer
#Subaru #GeneralMotors #engineer

Bosch Books $3 Billion in Software Business

Adding an exclamation point to its 17,000-person cross-domain computing division

Developers Aim to Diffuse AV Short Circuits

An alternative to full electrical redundancy
#BMW #europe #tech

Polestar 2: The Start of the Company’s EV Era

Yes, there is a Polestar 1. But it is a hybrid, not an electric vehicle (EV). The Polestar 2 is the company’s first EV—the first of what promises to be many
#Geely #LG #Volvo

Thermal Sensors for Vehicular and Pedestrian Safety

Detecting heat energy can make a big difference for braking in time to prevent accidents

Zero Concept: New EV Platform and a New ADAS System

Lynk & Co announced a new electric concept car yesterday that it plans to have in production next year that will use an advanced ADAS system from Mobileye
#Volvo #Geely #LynkCo

Generators and Sales That Need a Charge

Clever tech for generators and what August sales might portend
#Toyota #Honda #Ford

J.D. Power Assesses High Tech for Vehicles

The fifth annual U.S. Tech Experience Index Study shows that consumers like cameras but not waving their hands at their instrument panels
#BMW #Subaru #Genesis


When vehicles are modified, the on-board tech needs to be taken into account
#Fisker #Nikola #tires