A Counterintuitive Approach to Printing Metal Parts

Hybrid additive/subtractive systems for printing and finishing metal parts have been around for years now. It’s always been “first build it, then cut and polish it.” A process developed by 3DEO Inc. uses a radically different hybrid method.  

Laser Surface Finishing Speeds Up

Lasers can provide an excellent surface finish on many materials, but it can take more time than the user can spare.

Audi’s Precision Painting

Audi finishing engineers are deploying overspray-free painting technology in a pilot paint shop at the company’s Ingolstadt facility.
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Efficiently Painting Bytons

A paint shop being built by Dürr Group in Nanjing for the Future Mobility Corp. is being setup for an initial run of 150,000 vehicles per year (30 per hour) and for the potential of doubling that number.
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Achieving Piano Black

“Direct coating is a promising solution for a wide variety of decorative and functional automotive trim components.”
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Forecasting Future Car Colors Design

BASF’s Coatings division supplies coatings to automotive companies the world over, so it is a good thing for the designers at the company to know what’s likely to resonate color-wise in all parts of the world going forward.
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Want The Basics?

BYTON Wants to Take a Bite Out of Tesla

Fast moving China-based EV startup is putting the finishing touches on a 300,000-unit factory
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Your Moment of Zen

AkzoNobel names the “Color of the Year”

The Number-One Vehicle Paint Color Is. . .

Isn’t it sort of the absence of color?

Work Begins on FCA’s New Detroit Assembly Plant

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV has begun erecting a new paint shop on a site in Detroit that will house the city’s first new assembly plant in nearly 30 years.
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Magna Opens $1.4 Billion Paint Shop in Slovenia

Contract assembler Magna Steyr AG has opened a $1.4 billion paint shop in Slovenia to support its assembly plant in Graz, Austria.
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Durr Names New CEO for U.S. Unit

Mike Boss, a 30-year paint engineering veteran from Ford Motor Co., has been named CEO of Southfield, Mich.-based Durr Systems Inc.
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Clariant on Colors

Who knew that the changes in automobility—everything from ride-hailing to potential autonomous operation—would have an effect on. . .exterior color?
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Painting a McLaren

The new McLaren 720S Spider by MSO: No, we’re not going to talk about the performance of the car that’s powered by a 710-hp, 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8.
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Robotic Tape System Developed

Masking tape has its genesis in the automotive body shop, back in the 1920s when an employee of 3M watched painters have difficultly removing the paper that they had affixed to vehicles to “mask” portions of the cars from the paint that was being applied.
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EV Tech Production Advances in China

Elon Musk was not the first CEO of Tesla; Martin Eberhard was (he was also the co-founder of Tesla, along with Marc Tarpenning). About five years after the establishment of Tesla, which occurred in 2003, Eberhard was no longer with the company.
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New Old Porsche 1.5 Years in the Making

The last Porsche 911 Turbo with an air-cooled engine went out of production 20 years ago, but the craftsman at Porsche Classic have taken a body shell from the 993 generation and spent 1.5 years assembling “Project Gold” (based on the Golden Yellow Metallic paint used), a car with a new 450-hp 3.6-liter twin-turbo flat six, the same output of the circa 1998 vehicle.
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