Hydrogen Still Matters at Toyota

Toyota places $1-million order for vehicle hydrogen systems—for big rigs

Gary S. Vasilash
Editor-in-Chief, AutoBeat Group

The New Nikola Corporation Announced

Here is a quick guide to what’s what with Nikola and VectoIQ
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NVIDIA Offers “Orin”; Fighting Cyberattacks; Under the Radar Weight Savings

NVIDIA Offers “Orin”; Fighting Cyberattacks; Under the Radar Weight Savings
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EDAG's Schulte on Model Proliferation

Powertrains, “regional” vehicles to drive diversification

Vehicular Lightweighting: Path. Strategy. Endgame.

The automaker with the best solution for reducing weight will be the one with the clearest vision of the endgame and the strategy to get there.
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On-Demand Webinars

Check out recordings of past live webinars on trending automotive topics. 

Nikola Reveals Electric Pickup Plans

Nikola jumps into a crowded electric pickup truck market
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Additive Manufacturing, Fuel Cells & More

Carbon’s CEO talks advanced manufacturing and a Hyundai VP explains the application of hydrogen power for vehicles.
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Dana Tech Spans Drivetrain Spectrum

Dana Inc. offers advanced powertrain technologies for everything from conventional piston-powered vehicles to hybrids, all-electric and fuel cell systems—and from cars to commercial trucks and offroad vehicles.

Chinese EV Maker Plans U.S. IPO Worth $950 Million

Li Auto hopes to tap current stock market mania for EVs
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Hyundai Debuts Hydrogen-Powered Big Trucks in Europe

Fuel cell trucks feature pay-by-use fee plan for commercial fleets.
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Uncle Sam Wants Chevy Colorado

GM’s midsize pickup to provide the basis for mobile troop carriers  
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Toyota Opens Electrification Patents: What of the Daily 3?

One of the things that Toyota did when developing the Prius—and realize that the vehicle was first available in 1997 so this is something that has been going on a long time (remember: part of Toyota is the “continuous improvement” mindset)—was to do as much in-house as possible in developing the technology.
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Schaeffler Addresses E-Mobility

The changing landscape requires not only new approaches to powertrains—but even new types of vehicles. Here’s how one supplier is addressing these changes.
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Bosch Addressing Fuel Cell Tech

Although attention tends to be paid to what the OEMs are doing in the advanced development space—or simply to whatever Elon Musk is up to, or not—there is perhaps more action going on in the supplier space, at least among those suppliers who are dedicated to existing as the industry evolves.
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Honda Pursues a Better Environment

While executives generally talk about planning horizons of a quarter of two, listen to Steve Center, vice president, Connected and Environmental Business Development for American Honda: “In the next 1,000 years, we need an environment that is hospitable.” And it seems that so far as Honda is concerned, there is no better time to start dealing with this long future than right now, so Honda is undertaking a program that is predicated on reducing emissions from its vehicles, as well as from its manufacturing operations.
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GM and Honda Collaborating on EV Batteries

In 2003, Saturn Corporation wanted to provide an additional reason for people to buy its compact crossover, the Vue, so execs at Saturn did something that was almost unthinkable at the time: To create the high-performance Saturn Vue Red Line they turned to Honda to provide a 3.5-liter, 250-hp V6.
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Toyota Putting Muda to Work

Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) announced last week that it will be building a fuel-cell power generation plant at the Port of Long Beach that will be powered by “bio-waste” from dairy farms in northern California, transforming the waste into water, electricity and hydrogen.
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