Precision Laser Technology

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT have developed a hybrid manufacturing process to laser cut thin-walled metal strips that are used in contact parts. It combines a helical-beam optic with a multi-beam module.

Gary S. Vasilash
Editor-in-Chief, AutoBeat Group

Design of the 2021 Kia Sorento

The all-new compact SUV features a fresh, bold design—something that Kia is now known for

F-Series: The 2021 Launch, Going Electric and Solidly American

Ford launches the 2021 F-150, talks about the electric F-150, and calibrates the F-Series impact on the U.S economy


Are you ready to catch the coming EV wave?

The future of e-mobility depends on collaboration. Automotive companies will need to build business models based on strengths and limitations to tap into the EV value chain and fully capitalize on the opportunities within the new EV ecosystem.

2021 Jeep Wrangler 4xe: Electrifying

Bringing a plug to the capable off-roader
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November 5, 9am CST

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How the 2021 Ford F-150 Was Developed

An inside view on how the new generation came to be from the man who heads all Ford product development, Hau Thai-Tang
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All About EV Batteries

A deep dive into battery tech by a man who was instrumental in helping it get on the road
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Building Hondas and Acuras Is a Family Affair

First-hand insights into building NSXes, Accords and much more
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Why EV Charging the Other Way Might Be Profitable

ABB is providing a French company with the ability to put EV electricity back into the grid

Audi Gets Smarter with Integrated Controller

Audi’s new Integrated Vehicle Dynamics controller manages powertrain and chassis functions. The IVD is faster, more powerful, and promises to enhance next-generation technologies.
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Talking Powertrains with IAV’s Mike Kenhard

The engineering firm does work for the auto industry on everything from embedded software systems to automated technology. But here we’re learning about powertrains—and an unexpected development
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Fisker Taps Magna for EV Platform

New partnerships continue to emerge as companies rush to put EVs on the road
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FCA Pledges $1 Billion in Canada for EV Production

First electrified model to go into production in 2024

Ford Holds Off Until 2021 on Plug-In Escape

Fire issue in Europe delays U.S. launch again

Volkswagen’s $17 Billion EV Plan for China Rolls On

Company underscores its determination to lead the electric-car market worldwide
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ZF: From Now on, Hybrid-Ready Transmission Development

This leading supplier of transmissions has decided that it will no longer develop units that can’t be deployed in hybrids. We find out why on “Autoline After Hours”
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FCA Hikes Credit Line for Hybrids, EVs to Nearly $1 Billion

European line-of-credit cover research, plant retooling in Italy.
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VW Aims to Surpass Tesla in EV Output by 2023

Friendly rivals move toward direct competition in the small crossover segment.
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Polestar: How to Launch an EV Company

Polestar USA head Gregor Hembrough on the challenges of creating a new brand
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Mercedes Lands 1,800-EV Order from Amazon

Two sizes of e-vans to be deployed across Europe.
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