Bosch: Listening Comes First in Transport

Better mobility starts with listening to customers

Bill Hampton
Editor-in-Chief, AutoBeat Daily

Hyundai Is Taking to the Sky with Uber

Perhaps traffic congestion will be less of a problem. Of course, then there’s air traffic control. . .

Toyota to Launch. . . a City

Rather than just trying to see how advanced mobility and robotics will fit into existing structures, Toyota is building a city to help determine how these things can be best integrated into people’s lives
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Michigan's PlanetM Mobility Outreach

Michigan is promoting mobility development through its PlanetM initiative. Trevor Pawl, who heads business development for the initiative, explains.

The Auto Industry in 2019—and Beyond

What do events in 2019 portend for the industry’s future?
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Highway Infrastructure Hybrid

As part of Volkswagen’s diesel-gate settlement, the German automaker could help jump-start the electric market in the U.S. 
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Want The Basics?

VW Putting Chargers in Factory Parking Lots

If you want people to drive electric vehicles, you have to make availability of recharging convenient

BP Adds Fast Chargers in UK

While the number of battery electric vehicles is still small in the UK, BP is building out infrastructure

China Likely to Extend EV Subsidies

China is having second thoughts about phasing out discounts on electric cars after EV sales dropped 4% last year.

Renault Mulls CEO Candidates

Henri Poupart-Lafarge, who heads French transportation and infrastructure giant Alstom, has joined the short list of contenders to become the CEO of Renault.
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Ford Adds Geofence Hybrid Testing to Germany

Ford Motor Co. soon will begin testing a geofencing system in Cologne, Germany, that automatically switches plug-in hybrid vehicles to all-electric mode when operating in zero-emission areas.
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Startup Launches Electric London Black Cab

U.K.-based Dynamo Motor Co. has launched an all-electric version of London’s iconic “black cab.” 
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Schaeffler Addresses E-Mobility

The changing landscape requires not only new approaches to powertrains—but even new types of vehicles. Here’s how one supplier is addressing these changes.
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Audi’s Simple But Smart Driver Assistance

Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) systems, when fully implemented, could have a tremendous effect on transportation patterns.
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How 3,000 Is a Really Big Number

To know that 3,000 cars have been delivered since October 2015 would undoubtedly result in a shrug: in 2017 Toyota delivered 387,081 Camrys, so that 3,000 is less than one percent, and this is in one year, not just over two.
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Toyota Putting Muda to Work

Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) announced last week that it will be building a fuel-cell power generation plant at the Port of Long Beach that will be powered by “bio-waste” from dairy farms in northern California, transforming the waste into water, electricity and hydrogen.
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Nissan Launches a New Leaf

While we’ve often pointed out in this space that one of the challenges of moving toward electric vehicles (EVs)—as in full, battery-electric vehicles, not “electrified,” which can be a 48-volt system or a hybrid or some variation there of—is that there needs to be the creation of an infrastructure.
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