Nissan’s Goal and Greener Interior Materials

Two things to know/think about

Gary S. Vasilash
Editor-in-Chief, AutoBeat Group

ADAS and Consumer Confusion

Consumers may lack a clear understanding of what ADAS can—and cannot—do for them. Which can cause problems.

Torsus Praetorian Addresses COVID Concerns

Yes, even riders in the extreme off-road 4x4 bus need PPE

2020 Lexus GS 350 F SPORT

For calendar year 2019 Lexus sold 3,378 GS models. Numbers like that belie that this is a car that is (1) enjoyable to drive and (2) doesn’t sacrifice room or comfort to achieve (1). Which is rather clever. So its sad sales performance is rather surprising
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Clover: Adient Creates an Interior for the CASE Future

Connected, automated, shared and electric (CASE) is the near-future—and Clover has an interior execution that is just as advanced and almost ready to go
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November 5, 9am CST

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It’s “Only” an Escalade

Executing the interior of the new version of Cadillac’s venerable flagship, Escalade
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Car Interiors that Enhance Wellbeing

Faurecia is developing technologies to give each vehicle occupant a customized comfort zone.
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YFAI’s “Smart” Interior Surfaces

The next big thing in automotive interiors will be aesthetic surfaces that can double as functional controls, says Nathan Bowen at Yanfeng Automotive Interior Systems Co.
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Brian Latouf and Hyundai’s Pursuit of Safety

According to Latouf, safety is “foundational” at Hyundai. He should know. He’s Hyundai Motor North America’s chief safety officer
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Leather vs. Virus: Italian Tanner Creates New Material Treatment

Italian tanning company develops antiviral treatment for leather

Cleaner Interior Air & Small-Batch Ideas

Webasto has developed units for air purification; Mitsubishi is looking for entrepreneurs in Nashville
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JLR to Use Recycled Plastic in Car Interiors

Putting your feet down on CO2 savings

Hands-Off Controls: Making a Grand Gesture More Common

Low-cost tech promises to bring touchless systems to mainstream models  

Next-Gen Rolls-Royce Ghost Takes Shape

More tech, sleeker design, star-studded interior
#BMW #RollsRoyce #HP

Next-Gen Rolls-Royce Ghost Takes Shape

More tech, sleeker design, star-studded interior
#BMW #HP #RollsRoyce

The Steering Wheel: How Did We Get Here?

Six key Mercedes steering wheel designs of the past bring us to its all-new design for 2021.
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Faurecia's Interior Rx

The cockpit of the future promises to be a comfortable, highly personalized and healthy experience.
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Helping OEMs Customize User Electronics

Big trend: consolidating functional controls
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How to Clean Your Interior (Don't Use That Blue Spray on Your Infotainment Screen and Other Tips)

Whether you’re going back to work soon or finally making that Costco run, Nissan has some recommendations for cleaning the interior of your vehicle

2020 Hyundai Sonata Limited

Yes, the “Ghost Kar.” It is scary good
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