Design of the 2021 Kia Sorento

The all-new compact SUV features a fresh, bold design—something that Kia is now known for


2021 GMC Yukon 4WD AT4

This is the first Yukon AT4, being offered on the new full-size SUV platform. For people looking for features, performance and capability, it is worth the wait


Engineering the GM Full-Size Utes and More

On this edition of “Autoline After Hours” we have the man who is in charge of global products for General Motors
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October 1, 9am CST

AutoBeat Live is a monthly 30-minute show featuring conversations with leading observers of and people in the auto industry. Each episode will include insights about what’s happening—things that may affect suppliers to the industry. 


Bronco Designer Talks Product Development

Here’s how the 2021 Bronco was designed to both look like and perform like a Bronco—the iconic 4x4, yet brought up to the moment—explained by Paul Wraith, the vehicle’s chief designer
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What Do People Know About Automated Vehicles?

Probably a whole lot less than industry insiders might imagine
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All About EV Batteries

A deep dive into battery tech by a man who was instrumental in helping it get on the road
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Interiors & Electronics

Thermal Sensors for Vehicular and Pedestrian Safety

Detecting heat energy can make a big difference for braking in time to prevent accidents


Leather vs. Virus: Italian Tanner Creates New Material Treatment

Italian tanning company develops antiviral treatment for leather


Cleaner Interior Air & Small-Batch Ideas

Webasto has developed units for air purification; Mitsubishi is looking for entrepreneurs in Nashville
#Nissan #Mitsubishi #Webasto

Interiors & Electronics

Canoo Takes “Skatekart” EV Chassis for a Spin

Integrated design can accomodate 75% of today’s cars and commercial vehicles


Intel Announces IoT Processors

Fast, reliable and capable are some of the characteristics of this new hardware

Interiors & Electronics

Dodge Takes Another Victory (at J.D. Power)

Performance brand leads J.D. Power multimedia study
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Interiors & Electronics

McLaren Carbon Fiber and an Appealing UI

McLaren offers more carbon fiber for a carbon fiber-intensive car; Visteon provides F-150 digital gauge screen
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Generators and Sales That Need a Charge

Clever tech for generators and what August sales might portend
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Interiors & Electronics

Nissan’s Goal and Greener Interior Materials

Two things to know/think about
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Next-Gen Rolls-Royce Ghost Takes Shape

More tech, sleeker design, star-studded interior
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Interiors & Electronics

2020 Hyundai Venue Denim

Presumably, they’re hoping it will be what the kids are wearing—I mean, driving
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