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Engineering the 2020 Toyota Highlander

Now in its fourth generation, the Toyota Highlander just might be something that goes beyond continuous improvement
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Car Interiors that Enhance Wellbeing

Faurecia is developing technologies to give each vehicle occupant a customized comfort zone.
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2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The compact car with really, really good mpgs
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Continental ADAS

Addressing the Vehicular Electrical and Electronic Architecture

Michael Crane of Continental: “Your phone gets updates and so its utility improves over time. Your vehicle can do the same thing.” With the right E/E architecture, it will.
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Want The Basics?

Putting a Fine Point on Vehicle Locator Tech

If you want your car to drive itself, it has to know precisely where it is at all times. GPS alone isn’t up to the task, says Mark Vogel of Mitsubishi Electric.
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Next-Gen Lighting Options

Future cars are likely to be equipped with thousands of LEDs that enable everything from glare-free high beams to projected messages that signal the vehicle’s intentions, says Osram Continental’s Julian Dench.
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Interiors & Electronics

Hella Covers All Electrification Bases

Automotive lighting and electronics supplier Hella GmbH offers products for electrified powertrains ranging from stop-start “micro-hybrid” to all-electric systems, says Steve Lietaert, president of the company’s U.S. operations.
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JLR Aims to Reshape Seat Fitness

In the middle of a long trip, motorists often feel the need to “stretch their legs” to relieve stiffness.
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Car/Ride Sharing

Aptiv at the Airport in Vegas

Maybe the cab line will be a little shorter. . .
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Hella Illuminates Bimmer Grille

14 LED-array adds pizazz to sporty X6 crossover
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FCA’s 5th-Gen Infotainment Tech Hits the Mark

Industry Leading Uconnect system gets better
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Siri to Steer Self-Driving Cars?

Apple’s latest patent filing aims to guide autonomous vehicles


Improving In-Car Wireless Phone Charging

Even more intriguing is the potential to remotely power electronic systems and replace wiring harnesses.
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Sony Creates Concept EV

Sony has long been a supplier to OEMs. Will it become a competitor in the EV space?
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Bosch Aims to Reinvent the Sun Visor

A bona-fide story of necessity being the mother of invention.  
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BYTON Wants to Take a Bite Out of Tesla

Fast moving China-based EV startup is putting the finishing touches on a 300,000-unit factory
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What Would James Bond Fly?

Probably the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition—assuming he needs to travel in a helicopter

Interiors & Electronics

Bosch Announces Production-Ready Lidar

It has long been rumored and now it is officially announced.
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