Ford and Yakima: What This Means

Until model year 2010 Ford offered the Bronco, Explorer, Expedition, and Excursion vehicles with an Eddie Bauer trim package. But that’s so early 21st century.*

Gary S. Vasilash
Editor-in-Chief, Automotive Design & Production

Nissan Helping National Parks: Trucks Like Trees

“Calling All TITANS” is a marketing initiative that Nissan created last fall to organize an affinity group among owners of the Titan pickup.
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NACTOY Finalists Announced

The finalists for the North American Car, Utility and Truck of the Year (NACTOY) awards were announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show today, and because the choices are essentially based on choices predicated on design and engineering (after all, as the jurors drive the vehicles, it isn’t an issue of sales or marketing), the selections of the three finalists in each category can be considered among the best in class when it comes to those two functions.
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Freudenberg Takes on Electrification

Freudenberg Group is adjusting its automotive operations as carmakers turn to electrification, notes Matthew Chapman, vice president of sales and marketing for the company’s e-Mobility business.

Chevy Tahoe Back in Black

Last August, Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet Trucks marketing director, noted of the full-size SUV segment, “In the past five years, the average transaction price for the segment has climbed fueled by customer appetite for features like heated and cooled seats, adaptive cruise control and a head-up display.
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NADA Forecasting Sales of 16.8-million New Cars, Light Trucks in 2019 Business

According to the National Automobile Dealers Association’s senior economist Patrick Manzi, “We’re forecasting sales of 16.8-million new cars and light trucks in 2019.”
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Want The Basics?

VW Amarok and Serious Sport

As Sunday will be the Super Bowl, there will undoubtedly be plenty of automotive commercials before, during and after the game, many of which focus on pickup trucks, because the ad agencies who work for the various OEMs have done deep demographic research that indicates that people who like football like trucks and vice versa. (We’ve always been a fan of the 1998 Nissan Frontier commercial that told us “Dogs like trucks.”) Anyway. . .there is one tough pickup truck that won’t be part of the festival of ads on Sunday because it is for a product that isn’t available in the U.S., the Volkswagen Amarok.
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Buying a Car from a Vending Machine

Although used-car shopping is something that we don’t ordinarily cover, this is a bit too, well, bizarre to overlook: The Carvana Car Vending Machine.

Hummer Goes Green

General Motors plans to revive its gas-hog Hummer brand, this time to adorn an array of environmentally correct, all-electric SUVs and pickup trucks.
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Tesla Begins Sales of China-Built EVs

Tesla pulled a largely symbolic marketing stunt in China today by delivering 15 locally made Model 3 electric sedans to its own employees.
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Hopes Fizzle for Expanded EV Credits in U.S.

Congress has balked at expanding a long-running tax credit for buyers of electric cars in the U.S. It's bad news for Tesla and General Motors.
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Will Minivans Be the Next Victim of SUV Mania?

Sales of traditional cars have taken a beating as consumers opt for SUV/crossover vehicles instead. Will minivans be the next casualty?
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Toyota Catching Air

There is a growing concern among automakers that young people just aren’t as keen on driving as those automakers—as in people who are generally north of 45—find that even their own children, kids who have grown up with a highly satisfactory lifestyle thanks to the existence of cars and trucks, are largely indifferent to driving or, in some cases, even getting a license.
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Navigation Comes to Pocket Bikes

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “NHTSA does not define the terms ‘motor scooter,’ ‘moped,’ ‘pocket bike,’ ‘mini-chopper,’ ‘mini-ninja,’ or any other terms of this nature that may be used for the purpose of marketing motorcycles and motor driven cycles.
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Michigan’s Planet M: Where Big Ideas in Mobility Are Born

A campaign launched in 2016 called Planet M is coordinating the state of Michigan's prowess in personal mobility, and marketing those capabilities through a single initiative.

Truck vs. Truck; Steel vs. Aluminum

According to Sandor Piszar, Chevrolet truck marketing director, “We engineer and build our trucks with customers’ expectations in mind.
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Bosch Has a Different Road to Autonomy

Frank Sgambati, director of marketing and product innovation for Chassis Systems Control in North America, Robert Bosch LLC, and his colleagues are confident that the technology that will provide the means to achieve automated driving is coming fast, with significant on-road capabilities by 2020.
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