Autonomous Vehicles

MINI and Small Houses & a Digital Twin in Tokyo

Getting people physically on the road and digitally testing without people on the road


GM and EVgo Make Massive EV Infrastructure Investment

Not only is GM increasing its electric vehicle portfolio, it is working with EVgo to build out charging infrastructure
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What You Need to Know about MBS 2020

Interactive. Fast-paced. Insightful. Convenient.

October 1, 9am CST

AutoBeat Live is a monthly 30-minute show featuring conversations with leading observers of and people in the auto industry. Each episode will include insights about what’s happening—things that may affect suppliers to the industry. 

Autonomous Vehicles

What Do People Know About Automated Vehicles?

Probably a whole lot less than industry insiders might imagine
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GM’s Electric Offensive and Other Automotive Developments

Here’s a solid hour of informative observations about what’s going on in the auto industry right now
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GM Develops a New Electrical Platform

GM engineers create a better electrical architecture that can handle the ever-increasing needs of vehicle systems
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Thermal Sensors for Vehicular and Pedestrian Safety

Detecting heat energy can make a big difference for braking in time to prevent accidents


Toyota Mobility JV Develops First Models

Adapted vans include reconfigurable workstation and anti-COVID package
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Ford, Bosch and Bedrock Collaborate on Automated Parking

Using self-driving technology for something people don’t really care for: Parking
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New Hyundai Unit Targets Futuristic Mobility

Creating “Transformer-class” models and other “ultimate mobility vehicles”
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India Mulls $4.6 Billon Push into EV Battery Market

Local production base seen as key step in building local EV industry


Canoo Takes “Skatekart” EV Chassis for a Spin

Integrated design can accomodate 75% of today’s cars and commercial vehicles


3 Things with Danny Shapiro, Cheryl Thompson, and Stephanie Brinley

Three people. Three topics. Infinite insights.
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GM Hires Outsider to Plot Innovation, Growth Strategies

Focus on connectivity, big data, customer relations and new business areas
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Interiors & Electronics

Big Organizational Change at Bosch

The future—as in a few months from now—is largely digital
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Trevor Pawl Plans to Make Michigan a Leader in Mobility and Electrification

Sure, lots of states would like to achieve leadership in those areas, but Michigan’s governor has appointed Pawl the state’s first Chief Mobility Officer, and this guy knows how to—and who can help—get it done
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Meet Michigan’s Chief Mobility Officer

Trevor Pawl is tasked with coordinating the state’s transportation efforts and transitioning to the future.


UN Unveils Rules for Autonomy, Software Updates, Cybersecurity

Standards aim to help regulators monitor tech developments