Autonomous Vehicles

Cars Without Coffee: When A Vehicle Isn’t Driving Him, John Krafcik Takes the Porsche

Eleventh in a series. Yes, he knows about autonomous driving. But Waymo’s Krafcik loves cars you drive. And he’s also important in another way.
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Automotive Lighting & Shining a Light on the Past

We talk advanced lighting strategies and learn from a historian on the “Autoline After Hours”
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Number of Vehicles Per Person Rising. . .

Sort of. And what will the future hold?

Design for Mobility

Design for Mobility

While there are a tremendous amount of new mobility ideas being introduced each month now, allowing us to reimagine how people will travel in the future, there is less focus on reinventing how we will actually create this future.

Want The Basics?

GM Develops a New Electrical Platform

GM engineers create a better electrical architecture that can handle the ever-increasing needs of vehicle systems
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Autonomous Vehicles

EDAG's Schulte on Model Proliferation

Powertrains, “regional” vehicles to drive diversification
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Car/Ride Sharing

How Magna Manages Transformation

Magna International’s decentralized operating culture reinvented itself in the past decade around innovation and technology.
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Autonomous Vehicles

People Have a Perception Problem for Automated Vehicles

PAVE study shows that the industry has a long way to go to convince people AVs are the way to go
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Autonomous Vehicles

Volvo to Offer Autonomous Highway Capability in 2022

Expanded partnership with lidar startup Luminar paves way
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Autonomous Vehicles

Ford Shares Sensor Test Data for Autonomous Vehicles

Before being set loose on roads, self-driving vehicles need a comprehensive view of what they could encounter
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On Your Left: Bicyclists in the Passing Lane

Sales of two-wheelers are off to the races amid the coronavirus pandemic


Quick Updates, Fast Charging on Tap for Mustang Mach-E

Continuous improvements needed to gain foothold in fledgling EV market
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Autonomous Vehicles

Intel Buys Israeli Mobility Service Startup

Big data from Moovit app will be teamed with Mobileye autonomous vehicle tech
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GM Phases Out Maven Car-Share Service

A four-year experiment in car-sharing comes to an end


How Much Will COVID-19 Impact Automotive R&D Spending?

Virtually all automakers and suppliers expect to reduce r&d spending this year, but company size and location make a difference.
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Velodyne Lidar Looks at ADAS

Lidar isn’t just to help autonomous vehicles perceive their surroundings.
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U.S. Traffic Volume Off 23%

In this case, a return to normal traffic congestion and delays would be a welcome post-coronavirus sign

Interiors & Electronics

GM’s Electric Offensive and Other Automotive Developments

Here’s a solid hour of informative observations about what’s going on in the auto industry right now
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