Hyundai Puts Best Practices into Action Against COVID-19

Hyundai Hope on Wheels is providing $4-million in grants for drive-thru testing and kits to perform the tests

Gary S. Vasilash
Editor-in-Chief, AutoBeat Group

Why Electric Commercial Trucks Matter

Sure, they’re not as trendy as an EV sports SUV, but they can make a big difference in terms of addressing air quality.

Include Inspection in Automation Plans

Expand your thinking for process and quality improvement.

Track-Testing Schaeffler’s e-Mobility Tech

For years Schaeffler Group USA has been helping carmakers make their powertrains more efficient through electrification, supplying everything from components to turnkey systems.

Improving Production Quality

Researchers in the U.K. may have achieved line-rate BIW inspection

On-Demand Webinars

Check out recordings of past live webinars on trending automotive topics. 


Testing EV Systems for Leaks

Nobody wants water leaking into electric car battery packs. But keeping them dry can be a challenge, says Thomas Parker, North American automotive sales manager for Inficon Holding AG.


Testing the Building Blocks for Self-Driving Vehicles

VSI Labs helps developers of technologies for self-driving cars better understand how their products affect the vehicle’s overall performance.


Leak-Testing for EV Batteries

Leak-testing expert INFICON Holding AG can help carmakers keep moisture out of electronic devices, including under-floor batteries for electric cars.

Nissan Manufacturing Wish List

What are the sorts of things that people at Nissan North American manufacturing ops are looking for?
#Nissan #Infiniti #facilities

Seven Cool Tools

Increase operational productivity with these new developments

Dodge Soars to Top of J.D. Power Quality Report

New survey questions turn 2020 results topsy-turvy
#Audi #Infiniti #Dodge

Foretellix Aims to Fortify Autonomous Testing

Much more testing is needed, but it’s the quality not quantity that will make the difference
#Volvo #Tesla #Volkswagen

Hyundai Touts Clean HVAC Tech

Improving air quality during and after your ride
#Kia #tech #Hyundai

Aurora Aims Big with Autonomous Testing in Texas

Startup targets commercial truck applications
#Volvo #Kia #Amazon

Tesla’s New Model Y Grapples with Quality Issues

Accelerated launch schedule has reaped supply, production issues
#quality #Tesla

Ford Shares Sensor Test Data for Autonomous Vehicles

Before being set loose on roads, self-driving vehicles need a comprehensive view of what they could encounter
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UAW Pushes Back on Production Plans

United Auto Workers says May 4 is too soon to resume auto production. The Union wants more testing to ensure safe workplaces. 
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Predicting Parts Failures Sooner

Database of 3 billion service incidents helps carmakers spot failures
#tech #quality

Light Scanning Speeded

This new system works with a portable CMM arm for scanning large surfaces

Omron and Production Traceability

Helping manufacturers hike quality by more closely tracking parts