Ford COVID-19 Response, 25 Days On

The company is working with its partners tirelessly to address the needs of taking on the pandemic

Gary S. Vasilash
Editor-in-Chief, AutoBeat Group

A New Term to Get Used to: “Disownership”

The way people are going to get transportation is changing the world over. Get ready for it.
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Managing a Higher-Voltage Future

Tougher emission regulations and expanding in-car electronics are pushing carmakers into increasingly higher-voltage power systems, notes Mary Gustanski, chief technology officer for Delphi Technologies.

A Closer Look at How Steel Cars Impact the Environment

The people at the SMDI want you to know that over its entire lifecycle, steel has a lot less global warming potential than aluminum. 
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The Math of Plugging In

“Our aim is for new petrol and diesel cars and vans to be phased out in Scotland by 2032—eight years ahead of the target set by the UK Government.”
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Volkswagen Claims To Be World Leader in Electric Mobility in the Near Future Hybrid

This week Volkswagen put the rest of the auto industry on notice that it would be the world leader in electric mobility in the not-too-distant future.
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Want The Basics?

U.S. Guidelines for Self-Driving Cars

This autumn the U.S. announced new guidelines for autonomous-car developers that set a framework without dictating one technology over another, notes Jennifer Dukarski, an attorney with Detroit-area law firm Butzel Long.

Autonomous Vehicles

The Law and Autonomous Cars

Features that enable your car to drive itself are coming to market now, but regulations to govern their performance have lagged, notes Jennifer Dukarski, an attorney with the Butzel Long law firm.


Airbags That Think Ahead

Airbag systems are increasingly sophisticated in their ability to deploy with just the right speed and strength to help maximize occupant safety.

Michigan Okays Auto Production Starting May 11

Step eases supply chain bottleneck for other factories too
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How Much Will COVID-19 Impact Automotive R&D Spending?

Virtually all automakers and suppliers expect to reduce r&d spending this year, but company size and location make a difference.
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Trump Vows “At Least a Little Bit” of Auto Industry Aid

Partsmakers say they are in dire need.

EU Readies $22 Billion to Stimulate Auto Market

The biggest question is which models will qualify?

Lucid Motors Moves Forward with EV Launch Plans

Validation testing expected to resume soon
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Michigan Okays Auto Production Starting May 11

Step eases supply chain bottleneck for other factories too
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GM Robo-Cars Cleared to Carry Civilians

Another step closer to autonomous shuttle service
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Mahindra Crossover Wins First-Ever Global NCAP “Safer Choice” Award

This award was established to get safer vehicles on the roads in India. But are there implications beyond that country?
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Trump CO2 Rollback Plan Stumbles

Cost/benefit questions cloud outlook

A Scary Look at the Auto Industry

A witch, a clown, a masked vigilante, and a doctor go into a studio. . . .
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Robots in the Auto Industry

When it comes to the deployment of robots, the auto industry is the hands-down leader. Or maybe that should be “gripper down”
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Supplier Study and 2025

"We remain committed to the ethos of our founder, Sir Harry Ricardo, who in 1915 set out on a mission to ‘maximize efficiency and eliminate waste.’”
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