MINI Releases Two New Special Editions

The company is all about special editions, whether it is the Paddy Hopkirk Edition, Coral Red Edition, Sidewalk Edition or many more. Here are two more

Gary S. Vasilash
Transportation Editor, Gardner Business Media

Talking Acura TLX

The folks in charge of developing and manufacturing the fifth-generation TLX talk on “Autoline After Hours.”
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Lambo Sets September Sales Record (Ford Does Well, Too)

Things are still not good but getting better. At least we can smile every now and then.
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2021 GMC Yukon 4WD AT4

This is the first Yukon AT4, being offered on the new full-size SUV platform. For people looking for features, performance and capability, it is worth the wait

F-Series: The 2021 Launch, Going Electric and Solidly American

Ford launches the 2021 F-150, talks about the electric F-150, and calibrates the F-Series impact on the U.S economy

January 7, 9am CST

AutoBeat Live is a monthly 30-minute show featuring conversations with leading observers of and people in the auto industry. Each episode will include insights about what’s happening—things that may affect suppliers to the industry. 


How the 2021 Ford F-150 Was Developed

An inside view on how the new generation came to be from the man who heads all Ford product development, Hau Thai-Tang
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A Skeptical View of Tesla

Montana Skeptic appears on this edition of “Autoline After Hours” to throw cold water on Tesla, but unlike the Wicked Witch of the West, it doesn’t melt
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Design Pro Talks Quadrobots, Teslas & More

John Manoogian II is part of the design fabric of the auto industry. He shares insights on this edition of “Autoline After Hours”
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Chesbrough on the Numbers Now & What the Future May Be Like

What do tech and economics do to the vehicle market? Charlie Chesbrough has some ideas

Hyundai and INEOS Advancing Hydrogen Use

While INEOS may be known to people in the auto industry as the company that is developing a vehicle that is boxy, utilitarian and retro-chic, there is more than a whiff of hydrogen about it, too

XPeng and NIO: Their Approaches to the Market

Although their sales numbers are far from enormous, their strategies may provide huge growth opportunities

Bob Carter of Toyota on 2020 and Beyond

The company’s executive vp of Sales believes things are getting better
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Why Norwegians Like BEVs

There are those tremendous tax savings. . .
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Hyundai Mobis Taps Industry Veteran to Head Global Sales

Former Valeo executive Axle Maschka aims to accelerate the South Korean supplier’s global sales
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State of Sales According to Cox Automotive

Things are surprisingly strong in the U.S. market, and Charlie Chesbrough explains why.
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A Guide to Looking at the Recovery (So Far)

Some numbers look good. But figure out what they are based on

Mercedes Targets Profitable Future with EVs

Plans include cutting costs by 20% and achieving a double-digit operating margin.
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Real Electric Trucks & Global Sales Stats

Daimler is getting ready for serial production of electric big rigs; LMC sees a somewhat mixed global sales picture

Maserati Bolts Ahead with Product Blitz

All new models will include Folgore-badged electric variants
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Generators and Sales That Need a Charge

Clever tech for generators and what August sales might portend
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