Digital Assembly Comes of Age

Digital assembly is increasingly comprehensive and allows smoother product launches.

Lawrence S. Gould
Contributing Editor

How Topology Optimization Enables Design for Lightweighting

Simulation software enables automotive engineers to take advantage of the lightweighting opportunities provided by technologies like 3D printing and microcellular injection molding.

Renishaw's Four Stages of the Production Process for Comprehensive Quality Control

In the Industry 4.0 age, post-process inspection technologies aren’t enough.

Aligning Virtual Prototyping with Reality

ESI Group’s SimulationX virtual prototyping software helps speed product development by enabling more accurate computer simulations, says Alan Arico.

Simulating Long-Fiber Composites

Long carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics may get increased use thanks to simulation capabilities.
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This screen shot from ANSYS Maxwell electromagnetic field simulation software shows an efficiency map and the speed-torque characteristics of an interior permanent magnet synchronous motor, significantly slashing the development time for optimizing such power plants within electric vehicles. Simulation

The reports of the death of physical models are greatly exaggerated. Digital artifacts and simulation do not replace physical models in all cases.
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Want The Basics?

Waymo and CAE

In its effort to transform mobility, Waymo is racking up lots of miles—most of them simulated.
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NVIDIA Launches DRIVE Constellation

NVIDIA has announced that its DRIVE Constellation simulation platform is now available for developers of autonomous systems.
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Using Simulation Software to Optimize Automotive Lightweighting

Automotive manufacturers are meeting CAFE fuel-efficiency standards through lightweighting, which requires simulation software for design engineers.
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Honda, Autodesk Develop Lightweight Crankshaft

Generative design tools help cut weight by 50% in prototype unit
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Ford Techs Get Virtual Reality Training on Mustang Mach-E

Using high-tech gaming systems to speed maintenance and repair training
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Toyota First in Line for Nvidia Development System

Silicon Valley-based Nvidia Corp. is introducing a new simulation tool to aid the development and testing of automated driving technologies.
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The Network and the Sensor

The smart-factory world of digital manufacturing is coming, and manufacturing-technology developers are eager to help you be ready.  

Powertrain Simulation Addresses Complex Challenges

Multi-physics analysis software is perfect for simulating vehicle powertrain systems. Even better is simulation software for powertrain development.

Speeding Production with Digital Tooling

More than product specs for the cloud crowd, this approach to machining setup can massively accelerate things—both the planning and the operation.

Advances in Structural Simulations

HyperWorks 2017 helps engineer strong, light, efficient structures.

Simulating Motorcycle Handling

Although this may appear to be a rather sophisticated video game, it is actually what’s claimed to be the “world’s first vehicle dynamics grade” driver-in-the-loop (DIL) simulator for doing things like creating chassis setups.
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Simulating Injection Molding Gets Even Better

New injection molding software can simulate—and analyze.
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